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2-1/4" Thick Edge-Grain Cherry Countertops

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  • Made by John Boos & Co. in the USA
  • American Cherry Edge-Grain Butcher Block
  • Finish Options: Natural Oil or Varnique Semi-Gloss
  • Thickness: 2-1/4”
  • Widths: from 27” up to 48”
  • Lengths up to 145”

Liven Up Your Kitchen with an Edge-grain Cherry Butcher Block Countertop

American Cherry is a lovely North American hardwood. Besides its reddish hue, what distinguishes cherry wood is the fact that it starts out pinkish brown but darkens/reddens over time. If you find maple too tame and walnut a bit wild, cherry might be just the answer. It’s a striking way to add a bit of zest to your kitchen.

Edge-grain cherry countertops feature wood strips that run the full length of the block, parallel to one another, accentuating the wood’s linear grain structure. The result is a clean and uninterrupted look since all seam lines flow in the same direction.

Butcher Block Grain Styles

Boos Cherry Edge-grain Countertops Are Available In Various Thicknesses and Sizes

John Boos & Co. was founded in 1887 in Central Illinois, where the company remains to this day. In their Effingham wood plant they produce custom cherry counters as well as scores of standard-size tops in thicknesses of 1.5”, 1.75”, 2.25” and 3”. Standard lengths range from 36” to 145”, and standard widths range from 25” to 48”. If you can’t find the exact size you need, you can always request an instant online custom quote.

Finish Options Include Natural Oil or Varnique

If you intend to cut upon your countertop, select a Natural Oil finish. This food-safe blend is the standard finish for countertops and recommended for countertops that will be cut upon. A semi-gloss varnish-like finish called Varnique is also available. Varnique provides a beautiful luster and the look of fine furniture, but is not intended to be cut upon. Whereas the Varnique finish requires little maintenance, the natural oil finish requires re-application in order to protect the wood from drying and cracking.

For a Finished, Professional Look, Cap Off Your Butcher Block Counters With A Backsplash

A classy backsplash can showcase your counters in the same way that a picture frame accents fine artwork. These backsplashes, also made of Cherry edge-grain butcher block, are 3/4“ thick and 4” high.

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