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Pro Bowl Bakery Sinks

NSF-Approved Bakery Sinks with 2 or 3 Bowls; with and without Drainboards NSF seal

Two and Three-Bowl Bakery Sinks with Bowls 20 Inches Wide and 28 Inches, Front to Back

The 20” x 28” bowl/basin is standard in most bakeries, big and small alike. The depth of these bakery sinks made by John Boos & Company’s commercial division is 12 inches, although a 14-inch depth is optional. They’re made of 16-gauge type 300 stainless steel, and each sink’s legs are 14-gauge stainless steel. To ensure that each and every sink features one-piece sanitary bowls, Boos grinds and polishes all welds. This feature, in combination with the high-quality steel Boos uses and their manufacturing procedures and practices, earns these sinks NSF approval. That means these sinks, specially designed for commercial food service baking establishments, meet industry standards established and monitored by NSF (formerly the National Sanitation Foundation).

Bakery Sinks Made by John Boos & Co. Come with Two or Three Bowls and with One or Two Drainboards

Regardless of whether you opt for the two-bowl or three-bowl configuration, you can choose from three different lengths of drainboard: 20, 24 or 30 inches. And of course, if you decide to go with a single-drainboard set-up, you’ll have the chance to specify where you would like the drainboard – to the left or to the right of the sink bowls.

John Boos Commercial Food Service Products Date Back Over a Century

Although the very first wooden block made by his father in 1887 was actually designed for a blacksmith, it didn’t take long for John Boos to recognize that local meat butchers represented an equally attractive market. It took over half a century for the company to migrate to stainless steel equipment supplied to supermarkets, commercial kitchens, food processing plants and others. But since then, the Boos name has gained notoriety in the commercial food service industry. Today, Boos is renowned as a preeminent maker of both wood and steel furniture and equipment for the commercial food service industry. As is the case with discerning homemakers and home chefs, professionals have come to realize that if it carries the Boos name, it has to be first-class.

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