Butcher Block Co. Stocks Up on Boos Cutting Boards for Holidays

November 5, 2021

Butcher Block Co. Stocks Up on Boos Cutting Boards for Holidays

E-commerce Business Deviates from Drop-Ship Model to Ensure Customers Can Receive Goods in Time for Christmas and Hanukkah

The Butcher Block Co. is a leading online seller of wood counter and island tops; butcher-block work and dining tables; butcher-block carts; wood cutting boards; fine kitchen knives; and artisanal knife blocks. The online store Butcher Block Co. sells products designed for kitchens, such as wood counter and island tops and tables for food preparation and dining, plus products designed for anyone who prepares and serves meals, such as butcher block cutting boards and kitchen knives and knife blocks. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company experienced dramatic spikes in traffic to its website and overall consumer demand, unsurprisingly. “What is surprising is that traffic and demand remain so strong at this stage of the country’s economic recovery,” says company President, Mark Shook.

Many of the best-selling products on the BB Co. website are made by John Boos & Co., based in Effingham, Illinois. Since its founding in the late 1880s, Boos & Co. has been at the forefront of the food service industry. “When consumers think of butcher block, John Boos is the brand that’s top of mind,” according to Kathleen Grodsky, BB Co.’s Vice President of Marketing and Operations.

And just like BB Co., Boos & Co. has seen demand for their kitchen staples explode and remain at record levels. Grodsky explained that, “Whereas customers used to receive John Boos products within three to four weeks of placing orders, lead times for most Boos products are currently running between six and eight weeks. This year we encouraged shoppers to place orders before Halloween to ensure they would arrive in time for Christmas. Even worse, Hanukkah ends on December 6th this year!”

Given extended John Boos lead times, Shook and Grodsky devised a different course of action for this year’s especially challenging holiday selling season. BB Co. follows the drop-ship E-commerce business model, which relies on suppliers to hold inventory and to fulfill orders as they are received. But following a business-as-usual model this year would result in many customers feeling frustrated and disappointed if holiday gifts did not arrive in time.

Instead, wanting to be in position to get Boos cutting boards – a superb choice for gifting – into the hands of customers in time for traditional gift unwrapping, for the first time ever BB Co. elected to take a physical inventory position in select John Boos cutting boards and placed a purchase order for the company’s renowned 2-1/4-inch-thick, reversible Maple cutting boards with finger grips, available in four sizes: 18” x 12”, 20” x 15”, 24” x 18”, and 30” x 23”.

BB Co. unveiled their special “John Boos Cutting Boards In-stock” offer on November 1st, and so far demand has exceeded expectations. Ms. Grodsky’s takeaway is that, “While it seems that some shoppers are content to include with a holiday card a printed picture of the gift soon-to-arrive, nothing beats presenting the actual gift and seeing the joy on the recipient’s face.”

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