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Boos Cutting Boards with Feet

Feet on John Boos Cutting Boards Help Keep them Dry and Sanitary, and Add to Their Great Looks

Some of the Finest John Boos Cutting Boards Feature Stainless Steel Bun Feet

For example, Boos Signature cutting boards – in maple, cherry and walnut – sit atop bun feet made of stainless steel. So too do Boos boards with knife slots and the company’s distinct Tenmoku cutting boards.

Boos Board shapes and sizes

Wooden Bun Feet and Short Wood Legs Are Other Options

If you prefer wood over stainless steel, you’ll have plenty of options to consider, including a 9-inch round and 9 and 12-inch square edge-grain boards with wood bun feet, and 12-inch round and square end-grain boards with 3-inch round, wooden legs.

Boos Board shapes and sizes

You might also want to check out these equally distinguished Boos boards with stainless steel accents. Or further broaden your search and check out all the cutting boards made by Boos.