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Cherry Dining Table Tops

Restaurant-Style Cherry Table Tops and Metal Table Bases

The lead time for Boos Dining Table Tops is 6 weeks.

NOTE: Boos dining table tops are not reversible, as undersides are not finished and sometimes show imperfections.

Cherry butcher block dining table tops for Pubs and Eateries Seeking a Touch of Distinction

American Cherry is perhaps most distinct among North American hardwoods. Like its siblings, it presents luscious colors reminiscent of nature, but cherry wood’s coloration actually matures during its early years. For instance, a fresh cherry-top dining table is likely to appear light in color and somewhat indistinguishable from other light-tone wood species. However, with each passing month the table top’s hue will darken. By its first or second birthday, a cherry-top table should reveal its true medium-to-dark red signature.

cherry dining table top

These Cherry Butcher Block Dining Table Tops Come in Edge and Blended Grain Styles

Both butcher block styles show off the beautiful color and grain structure of cherry wood. The difference between the styles traces to the fact that in blended boards, wood pieces of varying length are finger-jointed together, end to end, in order to span the board’s entire length. In contrast, edge-grain boards use only long rails of wood – one for each row or stripe in the board or in this case, the table top. Some people prefer edge style since it results in seams that run in a single direction, whereas the seams in a blended-grain butcher block run in two perpendicular directions. Two advantages accrue to blended-grain table tops used for dining. First, using more and smaller wood pieces multiplies visual interest by producing more of a mosaic or tapestry-like look. Second, it’s slightly more affordable since scrap pieces generated in the making of edge-grain tables can be incorporated into blended grain table tops.

Order Cherry Dining Tables in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

You can order your cherry-top dining tables in different-sized squares and rectangles, rounds and ovals, and even octagons. And given the wide range of sizes offered, you’re sure to find a configuration that works well with the floor plan of your shop or eaterie. In addition, you can choose a metal base for your table(s) from an array of options. Plus you can even specify height to accommodate dining or bar applications.

Edging Options:

butcher block top edging options

Boos Table Bases Are Currently Unavailable

We are providing the following information as a courtesy, should you wish to search for table bases available from other sources.

Before pandemic-related supply disruptions, Boos & Co. offered four different styles of black metal stands. Options included table supports with disc bases, cross bases or T supports, in “dining height” (28” to the top of the metal “spider” to which the wood attaches) or “bar height” (40-1/2” to the top of the spider). The following table shows previously available base options by table top size.

butcher block table base options

Metal Base Assembly Instructions / Pre-Drilling Holes for a Metal Base

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