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John Boos Cucina D'Amico Carts

Kitchen Carts Featuring 5" End-Grain Butcher Blocks on Bases Made of Tubular Stainless-Steel

Choose a single-shelf Cucina D'Amico cart with a maple, cherry or walnut top; or a two-shelf maple or cherry wine cart.

Cucina D'Amico Carts Are Topped with End-Grain Style Boos Butcher Blocks

It’s easy to spot a John Boos Cucina D’Amico kitchen cart. Just look for an end-grain style butcher block that's a whopping 5 inches thick! They're available with maple, cherry or walnut butcher block tops that are beautiful to serve off and at the same time, remarkably resilient. End-grain blocks are considered the real deal - true butcher blocks. They're the most rugged of block designs. In their making all wood slats are oriented vertically so that the block's surface comprises wood fibers at the end of each short rail. Such fibrous surfaces can easily absorb sharp blades.

The Base of Each D'Amico Cart is Rugged Stainless Steel

Each cart's legs, handle/towel bar and shelves are stainless steel. Regular D’Amico carts include a single shelf of steel bars spaced close enough together that they provide valuable portable storage space wherever it’s needed. Cucina D’Amico wine carts, with two shelves made of stainless steel rods spaced to accommodate wine bottles, come in maple and cherry-top versions.

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