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Boos Cucina Laforza Butcher Blocks

6-Inch End-Grain Boos Butcher Blocks Stand Alone, or atop Food-Grade Stainless Steel Frames

The Cucina Laforza Family of John Boos Butcher Blocks Offers Variety and Utility

Choose among hard maple, American cherry and black walnut. Each block is a 24-inch square, meaning you'll pick up an additional 4 square feet of valuable work, display or serving space. And we’re not talking about just any old work space. These fabulous butcher blocks are massive, at 6 inches thick. They’ll stand up to whatever abuse you can throw their way. Use your Boos Laforza Block on a kitchen counter or mounted on a rugged stainless steel frame.

They’re End-Grain Style Butcher Blocks

That means the surface of each block is an attractive checkerboard design that shows off the varied and interesting grain patterns revealed in small rectangular cross sections of the source tree’s trunk. But an even more meaningful advantage flows from end-grain cutting surfaces. The millions of wood fibers that make up that surface are so resilient that they resist gouges and nicks, and at the same time go easy on the blades that thrash them. As a result, your knives will not dull prematurely. 

Boos butcher blocks
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