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John Boos Gathering Blocks

John Boos Gathering Blocks Feature End-Grain Butcher Block Tops 4 Inches Thick

Boos Maple Gathering Blocks come in 3 sizes, all 24 inches deep. Choose a Boos Gathering Block that's either 25, 36 or 48 inches long (end to end). They come with one, two or three quaint, but extremely utilitarian, wicker basket drawers. Or splurge on a Walnut Gathering Block III. Any of these splendid end-grain butcher block tables is sure to add zest to your kitchen, breakfast nook, pantry, dining room or hallway. 

John Boos Gathering Blocks Come in Three Different Sizes

Odds are that you’ll find an authentic Boos Gathering Block that will fit your kitchen, dining room or foyer. The smallest of these butcher block tables measures 25 inches by 24; the intermediate size is 36 x 24; and the largest is 48 inches across and 24 deep. Each Gathering Block Boos makes at its Illinois wood plant is fitted with a 4-inch-thick butcher block top constructed in end-grain style. In addition, each includes a slatted wood shelf and one or more wicker basket drawers.

Choose a Colored Base for your Gathering Block to Add Vibrancy to Your Kitchen

The Gathering Blocks I (25x24), II (36x24) and III (48x24) come with the option to select either a natural maple finish for your table’s base, a cherry or gray stain, or any of 10 different paint colors. 

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