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John Boos Homestead Butcher Blocks

Homestead Blocks Feature 5-Inch-Thick Boos End-Grain Butcher Blocks in Maple, Cherry or Walnut

The Maple Homestead's 5"-thick end-grain block rests on a maple base that comes in a variety of colorful options, including natural, painted and stained finishes. Cherry and Walnut Homestead Blocks feature 5" end-grain blocks and a maple base that's alabaster white.

Select a Boos Homestead Butcher Block Made of Either Maple, Cherry or Walnut

They’re all so striking you can’t make a mistake. It really comes down to personal preferences and matching your existing home décor. The soft, neutral tones of the Maple Homestead butcher block make it almost universally suitable for today’s kitchens. For a bit of flare and a touch of splash, consider selecting a stained or painted table base. In contrast, the cherry and walnut versions of the Homestead only come with an alabaster white-painted base, which allows the rich, lush tones of the walnut and cherry blocks to really pop. So these two options work best as accent tables for kitchens, dining rooms or foyers.

All Homestead Tables Are Otherwise Identical in Size and Detail

Each features a 36” by 24” end-grain butcher block whose surface is 34 inches off the floor. Hidden in the apron of the table base is an extra-wide utensil drawer. A lower, slatted shelf provides even more space for storage or for displaying your favorite show pieces. Two parallel notches wrap around each of the base’s four square legs just below the slatted wood shelf.

Homestead Blocks Are Protected with Boos Block Board Cream 

Each butcher block is coated with board cream with natural beeswax before it leaves the Boos wood plant. You will need to re-apply cream or oil at regular intervals in order to prevent your block from drying or cracking, thereby keeping it in tip-top shape, fit for any and all types of food preparation and serving.

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