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Unique Novelty Cutting Boards

Unusual, Novel Cutting Boards Make Great Conversation Pieces and Even Better Gifts

Catskill’s Texas Cutting Board Is Perhaps the Most Unique of the Bunch

Catskill’s hardwood board is shaped like the state of Texas. We all know that most Texans are extremely proud of the Lone Star State and relish any chance to pay homage to it. The Texas board provides them with the perfect opportunity to pay tribute and to entertain and amuse guests at the same time. Catskill also makes a novel guitar-shaped board.

Looking for an Unusual Cutting Board that’s Also Extremely Functional?

Catskill's over-the-counter and over-the-sink boards are other novel cutting boards designed for specific tasks in the kitchen. Proteak makes teak wood boards that are truly stunning, as are Cotton and Dust's artisan boards.

Here's a link to our full assortment of cutting boards.