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Oak Dining Table Tops

NOTE: Boos dining table tops are not reversible, as undersides are not finished and sometimes show imperfections.

Dining Table Tops Made of Red Oak Butcher Block Show Off a Beautiful Array of Reddish-Brown Hues

Red Oak is one of the top-four North American hardwoods commonly used in butcher blocks. Its palette of light-to-medium tans and browns fits a wide range of dining rooms decor, contributing to its broad popularity.

John Boos & Co. Is a U.S.-Based Manufacturer Growing Jobs in the Midwest

John Boos was founded in Central Illinois in the nineteenth century. Their very-first butcher blocks were made of sycamore and used by blacksmiths who required exceptionally strong work surfaces for their intense hammering and pounding. Butchers soon discovered these unusual blocks served their purposes as well. Over the years Boos expanded the portfolio of wood species they leaned on to include beautiful Appalachian Red Oak.

Edging Options:

butcher block top edging options

Table Base Options:

butcher block table base options

Metal Base Assembly Instructions / Pre-Drilling Holes for a Metal Base

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