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John Boos Prep Stations with Pot Racks

Maximize Utility of Your Boos Prep Block or Work Station by Adding a Stylish, Functional Pot Rack

Pot racks improve space utilization. Take advantage of overlooked, unused space above work tables and on empty kitchen walls.

John Boos Offers Work Tables with Pot Racks as Well as Standalone Pot Racks

First, check out these three exquisite Boos end-grain butcher block work stations already outfitted with attractive and highly functional pot racks that are perfect for hanging pots, pans and large utensils out of the way, but within arm’s reach. There’s the Cucina Premo and the Boos Pro Prep Block in either maple or cherry. All three Boos also include bars on the sides of the prep table from which you can hang utensils and small kitchen ware. Another fabulous option is the more contemporary Boos Cucina Grande, which features a fine-furniture-like Varnique finish and comes with a stainless steel-faced drawer in the center of the table’s apron. And finally, there’s the more institutional-looking but incredibly resolute and productive Cucina Grandioso work station from John Boos, to which you can add a stainless steel pot rack and hooks for an incredibly distinct look.

A Stainless Steel Shelf with a Pot Rack Might Be the Way To Go

Boos makes two wall-mounted shelves that incorporate pot racks: the Mensola and the double-bar Mensola Grande. Both are stainless steel and double-prong pot hooks, included with the purchase of any pot rack and also sold separately.

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