Chris & Chris 30" x 20" S.S. Cart - Grooved End-Grain Rubberwood Top Chris & Chris 30" x 20" S.S. Cart - Grooved End-Grain Rubberwood Top Chris & Chris 30" x 20" S.S. Cart - Grooved End-Grain Rubberwood Top

Chris & Chris 30" x 20" S.S. Cart - Grooved End-Grain Rubberwood Top

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  • 30”L x 20”W (deep) x 36”H 
  • 2-3/4”-thick end-grain butcher block cutting surface made of rubberwood 
  • Stainless steel legs and solid shelves 
  • Proprietary “Chop and Drop” food collection system 
  • Includes stainless steel chef pan and trash bag ring 
  • Full-perimeter juice groove connects to Chop & Drop cut-out 
  • Extra-large utensil drawer 
  • Towel bar/Speed Rack plus 4 “S” hooks can be attached to either side (adds 6.5" to overall length)
  • Speed rack for storing spices and seasonings 
  • Commercial-grade casters, 2 of which lock

Note: Some assembly is required.

State-of-the-Art Food Prep Work Center Rolls to Where You Need It

At first glance, this latest addition to the vaunted Stadium series line designed by the professional chef duo (both of whom are named Chris, believe it or not) appears to be just another kitchen cart, albeit one with panache. But don’t let looks fool you. There’s a lot more to this beauty than meets the eye. In fact, its unusual, highly functional design makes it a self-contained rolling work station. For starters, its worktop is a hefty 2-3/4”-thick, end-grain style butcher block. End-grain blocks are extra-tough because their surfaces are made up of the wood fibers found at the cut ends of wood boards. These fibers are tough, but forgiving. When you thrust a sharp knife blade at an end-grain surface, the wood’s fibers absorb the blade, rather than resist it. Plus they do less damage to the sharp edges that assault them. That’s why end-grain boards are typically used as chopping blocks. They make great surfaces for heavy pounding and chopping and are less prone to suffer nicks and gouges. Just as unobvious and as utilitarian is this cart’s unique ingredient handling system.

A Prep Station Extraordinaire, Thanks to Chop and Drop Food Handling

What distinguishes Chris and Chris equipment is their clever “Chop and Drop” design. As the name implies, two simple steps will lead to food prep success. Any food you wish to collect for use as is, or as ingredients in a recipe, should be guided toward the hole in the work top and into the stainless steel pan positioned beneath the cut-out. Transfer sliced or carved food from the pan onto a serving plate or into a pot, pan, wok or you name it, and you’re one step closer to satiation. With one important adjustment, use the same approach to dispose of the unwanted byproducts of your culinary creativity. First, swap out the chef’s pan for the trash ring apparatus. Next, hang from the ring any plastic bag or trash bag. Finally, guide toward the hole any scraps or waste. Discard the bag and voila; you’re almost done with clean-up!


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