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1.5" Thick Maple
Commercial Countertop -
25" Wide

1.5" Thick Maple
Commercial Countertop -
25" Wide

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Shipping and delivery info: Some lengths ship Freight. Click on “Specifications” for details.

About this product


  • Made by John Boos & Co. in the USA
  • Hard Rock Maple, Blended-Grain Style
  • Finish Options: Natural Oil or Varnique* (*voids NSF certification)
  • Thickness: 1.5”
  • Width: 25”
  • Lengths from 12” to 144"
  • Optional 4”-High Backsplashes

Notes: Commercial-grade countertops sometimes show small gaps where wood rails are butt-jointed together and minor aesthetic imperfections such as mineral streaks. Cutting into a countertop will void the manufacturer's warranty. This applies to trimming its length or width or executing miter cuts or cutouts. We will happily provide a price quote for a factory-warranted angle cut or cutout. If you intend to cut into your countertop anyway, be advised that metal fasteners are used in blended-grain countertops to add structural strength.

Commercial-Grade Maple Butcher Block Countertops For Restaurants, Delis & Other Foodservice Establishments

Maple countertops make a sturdy and reliable work surface that can withstand heavy loads as well as everyday wear and tear. We offer these Blended (aka Jointed Edge Grain) Maple counters made by John Boos, a recognized leader in the food service industry, in 3 different thicknesses: 1.5”, 1.75” and extra-sturdy 2.25”. Select a thickness appropriate for your work environment and the type of work to be performed.

These Wood Countertops Are NSF-Approved 

All these Countertops, regardless of thickness, are NSF-certified. NSF - the organization focused on global public health and safety, develops standards that help ensure safe food handling, among other things. The NSF mark signals that independent reviewers have determined that these wood counters and the methods by which they are manufactured meet industry standards. Specifically, one side of the board is coated with a food-safe, penetrating oil finish, rendering it safe for food handling and preparation. If you require and request it, the NSF seal will be applied to the underside of your countertop.

A second finish option is available: a semi-gloss varnish made by Boos, called Varnique. It imparts a glossy sheen and requires very little maintenance, but it’s important to note that in order to be NSF-certified, the top surface of the board must be finished with natural oil, not Varnique.

Add A Coved Riser To Your Food Service Countertop

You can add a coved riser to your counter that will improve sanitation and reduce clean up time, but note that in order for your countertop to retain the NSF designation, NSF requires vertical coved corners wherever two risers intersect. This will add to the cost of your counters, so please call us to discuss your exact needs.

Both Standard-Size and Custom Commercial Countertops Are Available

Choose from among 50 different standard sizes in each countertop thickness. In the unlikely event that you can’t find a size to fit your specific needs, check out our easy-to-use wood countertop price quote tool. In minutes you can obtain price quotes, and even place orders, for countertops of different thicknesses and sizes.


Sale Price Model # Length (in.) Width (in.) Thickness (in.) Weight (lbs.) Ships UPC
$115.00 SCT01A-O 12 25 1.5 13 UPS 662969644659
$135.00 SCT01-O 18 25 1.5 19 UPS 662969644550
$159.00 SCT02-O 24 25 1.5 25 UPS 662969645656
$179.00 SCT03-O 30 25 1.5 31 UPS 662969645755
$225.00 SCT04-O 36 25 1.5 37 UPS 662969645854
$261.00 SCT05-O 42 25 1.5 44 UPS 662969645953
$294.00 SCT06-O 48 25 1.5 50 UPS 662969646059
$541.00 SCT07-O 60 25 1.5 62 Freight 662969646158
$593.00 SCT08-O 72 25 1.5 75 Freight 662969646257
$654.00 SCT08A-O 84 25 1.5 90 Freight 662969646356
$708.00 SCT09-O 96 25 1.5 100 Freight 662969646509
$781.00 SCT09A-O 108 25 1.5 116 Freight 662969646554
$854.00 SCT10-O 120 25 1.5 125 Freight 662969646653
$986.00 SCT10A-O 132 25 1.5 142 Freight 662969646752
$1163.00 SCT10B-O 144 25 1.5 165 Freight 662969646851

Satisfaction Guarantee

John Boos & Co. backs up its products with a one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

At their election, Boos will either repair or replace a product determined to be defective. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from normal wear and tear, accidents, abuse, neglect, misuse, alterations* or exposure to extreme conditions. Nor does it pertain to wood products ordered unfinished.

*With respect to Boos wood countertops: Cutting into a countertop (e.g., trimming its length or width or executing miter cuts or cutouts) will void the manufacturer's warranty. Should you desire a custom size, a miter cut or a cutout, consider calling for pricing on factory-warranted custom cuts.

Neither Boos nor Butcher Block Co. will be liable for any loss or damage arising from use of products or for any consequential damages.

30-Day Return & Exchange Policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may return or exchange it within 30 days of the date of purchase. Since all John Boos products are made-to-order,a 20% restocking fee will apply and you will be responsible for return shipping costs. Please note that customized merchandise (e.g., custom countertops) cannot be returned or exchanged (unless the goods arrive in damaged condition, of course). 

Lowest-Price Guarantee

If you find the identical, brand new product for less (including shipping & handling) on another website within 3 days of your purchase, email us the address of the webpage where you found the lower-price offer. If we determine that the online store is an authorized John Boos dealer, we will refund the difference. Please note that Butcher Block Co. will not always be able to match a lower price offer (e.g., in cases where doing so would violate legal agreements between us and our manufacturer-partners) and any refund may be limited (e.g., in cases where the competing offer is below our all-in cost).


Boos Commercial Products Are Specially Designed for the Food Service Industry