John Boos Expands Its Category-Leading Cutting Boards Line

May 31, 2018

John Boos Expands Its Category-Leading Cutting Boards Line

Company Announces Six New Boos Cutting Board Designs

The John Boos brand name is so widely known and well respected that the “Boos Block” moniker is nearly synonymous with the term “butcher block cutting boards.” According to Ted Gravenhorst, Jr., the company’s VP of Marketing and Sales, “One way Boos & Co. manages to retain its industry leading position is by continuously surveying consumers and professional chefs to identify their unmet needs, then designing distinctive products that address them. The company followed that model in developing six new cutting boards for launch in 2018.”

All of these new Boos boards are made of northern Rock Maple – the hardest North American hardwood – and constructed in edge-grain style. In edge-grain butcher blocks, all wood strips run parallel to one another. Since all seam lines run in the same direction, edge-grain blocks and boards have a clean and simple look.

Among the new products Boos is introducing this year are round, square and rectangular boards with juice grooves. A juice groove is a rounded-bottom trench that’s carved into the surface of the board near its edge. Its purpose is to collect and contain any run-off and scraps that arise during the meat-carving process - for example, juice oozing from a freshly carved roast and fat and gristle that is to be discarded.

Boos’ new round and square grooved cutting boards are 1-3/4 inches thick and come in two widths: 12 inches and 15 inches across. The rectangular boards – 1-1/2 inches thick – are available in 20” x 15” and 24” x 18” sizes. Another shape option is a softened rectangle; each side of the board bows out slightly and its corners are softly rounded. Size options are 18” x 11” and 20” x 14”. All four of these grooved boards come with finger grips so they can be easily moved and even flipped (all are reversible).

All these grooved cutting boards are excellent for carving, however a true Gourmet might well prefer new design Number Five. A full-fledged carving board, it features a grid of short wooden spikes that helps stabilize whatever it is you are carving. Its juice groove is sloped to guide liquid run-off toward a hole in the trench on one long side. A stainless-steel tray slides in and out of the slot beneath the hole, allowing you to capture juice and direct scraps into the pan with ease and without mess.

The sixth new Boos grooved cutting board – available in 18” x 14” and 22” x 16” sizes – differs from the others in two respects. These boards are only 1-1/4 inches thick and they incorporate thumb holes - instead of finger grooves - near one corner for easy handling.

Rounding out this batch of new cutting boards is Boos’ 1-3/4 inch-thick Platinum Board. This classic serving board features finger grooves and is reversible, however it does not include a juice groove.

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