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Rectangular Dining Table Tops

The lead time for Boos Dining Table Tops is 6 weeks.

Rectangle-Shaped Tables for Commercial & Residential Dining Rooms, in a Variety of Sizes

The John Boos name is nearly synonymous with the term butcher block. Boos’ Commercial Division offers a wide range of butcher block products, including tough but attractive dining tables. They come in three different wood types: maple, cherry and walnut; plus they’re available in a wide range of rectangular sizes. Choose from table widths of 24, 30 or 36 inches. Standard lengths start at 30 inches and top out at 96 inches.

Choose Metal Stands for Your Rectangle-Shaped Dining Tables from Assorted Options

Depending on the size of dinner table you select, you can designate a metal table base in a disc shape, a cross base or a T-shape. Some table sizes even come in configurations allow you the option to specify a disc base with footrests that set the table's top to bar height rather than dining height.

Rectangular Dining Tables Are the Most Popular Choice for Restaurant and Diner Booths

It's no wonder, since no matter how you arrange the booths and tables in your dining room, you're likely to find a Boos butcher block table top that nicely fits your floor plan. But there's a simpler, more funadmental reason why rectangle-shaped tables lead the market: they're simply the most comfortable. While there might be other shapes of dining room table that would deliver higher daily sales per foot, if your mission is to delight your guests and build long-term loyalty, then patron satisfaction is likely your key metric. 

Edging Options:

butcher block top edging options

Boos Table Bases Are Currently Unavailable

We are providing the following information as a courtesy, should you wish to search for table bases available from other sources.

Before pandemic-related supply disruptions, Boos & Co. offered four different styles of black metal stands. Options included table supports with disc bases, cross bases or T supports, in “dining height” (28” to the top of the metal “spider” to which the wood attaches) or “bar height” (40-1/2” to the top of the spider). The following table shows previously available base options by table top size.

butcher block table base options

Metal Base Assembly Instructions / Pre-Drilling Holes for a Metal Base

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