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Blended Cherry Butcher Block Countertops


  • Made by John Boos & Co. in the USA
  • American Cherry Blended Butcher Block
  • Finish: Finish Options: Natural Oil or Varnique Semi-Gloss
  • Thickness: 1-1/2”
  • Widths: from 25” up to 42”
  • Lengths up to 145”

Note: Natural cherry wood is lighter in appearance than cherry-stained wood. Also, its color can vary with the ratio of red heartwood (core of the tree) to light pink sapwood (between the core and the bark) in the board. Finally, cherry wood will appear light in color when new, but will darken over time. Note: Drilling into or sawing a Boos countertop will void the manufacturer's warranty. If you contact us, we will happily provide a price quote for a factory-warrantied cut-out. If you intend to cut into your countertop anyway, be advised that metal fasteners are used in blended-grain countertops to add structural strength

A Blended Cherry Butcher Block Countertop Will Leave You and Your Kitchen In The Pink

A remodel is a great way to add vibrancy to a long-in-the-tooth kitchen. A key focus of nearly all remodels is a countertop redo. As you consider options keep in mind that natural butcher block, popular in the past, is even more popular today. That’s testimony to wood’s timeless beauty and appeal.

Of all the North American hardwoods used in the making of butcher block countertops, none is as warm and inviting as luscious cherry, which exhibits pink to dark-reddish hues mixed with gold and copper.

For an even more mesmerizing look, choose a blended cherry countertop. Blended cherry butcher blocks accentuate variations in the wood’s color and grain patterns. That’s because blended blocks are constructed using many short to medium-length strips of wood finger-jointed together, rather than long strips that run the full length of the countertop, as in edge-grain boards. That’s why blended blocks are sometimes called finger-jointed edge grain boards.

Butcher Block Grain Styles

Delicious Boos Cherry Countertops Aren’t Just For Culinary Professionals

Since you’re checking out these lovely cherry countertops, odds are you’re serious about cooking. So it’s likely you will appreciate the aesthetics and functional benefits of a butcher block countertop made by John Boos & Co. Professional and celebrity chefs swear by Boos butcher block products and rely on them for every aspect of food preparation, from such baking tasks as rolling and kneading dough to heavy-duty pounding and chopping.

You Can Order Standard-Size Countertops by Boos Or Customize

Boos makes these gorgeous blended cherry countertops in a wide range of standard sizes. But if need be, you can configure and price a custom countertop and even compare prices across counters of different woods, grain styles and sizes by checking out our custom countertop options.

Choose A Natural Oil or Varnique Finish For Your Blended Cherry Counters

A Natural Oil finish is appropriate if you will be cutting on your counters. Clean up is simple with a soft, damp cloth. You will, however, need to maintain this protective finish by reapplying oil from time to time. It replenishes moisture and locks it in. Your other finish option is a semi-gloss varnish called Varnique that’s also made by Boos. You’ll love the lustrous look it provides and the facts that it requires little maintenance and stands up to most household cleaners. But note that you should not cut directly on a butcher block coated with Varnique.

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