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Blended-Grain Dining Table Tops

The Color Variation of Blended Butcher Block Provides a More Dramatic Look

The lead time for Boos Dining Table Tops is 6 weeks.

Blended-Grain Butcher Blocks Make Perfect Dining Table Tops for Pubs, Sandwich Shops, Delis, Etc.

A butcher block constructed in blended-grain style is both affordable and visually striking. Since multiple pieces of wood are used to span each strand of a blended block, less scrap is generated in making one of them. This helps keep cost down, plus it results in more dramatic, sudden shifts in color wherever two wood pieces are joined together. In a blended butcher block there are simply many more places where different wood pieces abut, generating a kaleidoscopic effect. 

The John Boos Name Is Synonymous with "Butcher Block"

John Boos & Co., located in Central Illinois and recognized as a food service industry leader, has more experience making butcher blocks than any other company in the world. Their collective expertise is a key input into each and every block they manufacture.

Edging Options:

butcher block top edging options

Boos Table Bases Are Currently Unavailable

We are providing the following information as a courtesy, should you wish to search for table bases available from other sources.

Before pandemic-related supply disruptions, Boos & Co. offered four different styles of black metal stands. Options included table supports with disc bases, cross bases or T supports, in “dining height” (28” to the top of the metal “spider” to which the wood attaches) or “bar height” (40-1/2” to the top of the spider). The following table shows previously available base options by table top size.

butcher block table base options

Metal Base Assembly Instructions / Pre-Drilling Holes for a Metal Base

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