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Blended Maple Butcher Block Countertops


  • Made by John Boos & Co. in the USA
  • Hard Rock Maple Blended Butcher Block
  • Finish Options: Natural Oil or Varnique
  • Thicknesses: 1.5”, 1.75"
  • Widths: 25", 27", 30", 32", 36", 38", 42" & 48"
  • Lengths from 12” to 145"
  • Optional 4”-High Backsplashes

Note: Cutting into a countertop (e.g., trimming its length or width or executing miter cuts or cutouts) will void the manufacturer's warranty. If you contact us, we will happily provide a price quote for a factory-warranted cut or cutout. If you intend to cut into your countertop anyway, be advised that metal fasteners are used in blended-grain countertops to add structural strength.

Blended Maple Butcher Block Countertops Integrate Maple Strips of Varying Length and Color to Deliver an Intriguing, Variegated Look

Hard Rock Maple is the preferred North American hardwood when it comes to butcher block countertops. Maple is especially rigid, plus its neutral colors – a blend of creams, light tans and soft browns - makes it perfect for nearly any kitchen décor. Maple is considered timeless because it’s suitable for quaint, country kitchens as well as contemporary kitchens. You can't go wrong with Maple; it has universal appeal.

A blended maple countertop is indeed a “blend” – a blend of maple wood strips of various lengths and various coloration. The end result resembles a wooden patchwork quilt wherein each individual piece contributes its unique colors and grain pattern to the final work.

The wood pieces used to span each row of the butcher block are finger-jointed together with glue and exposed to heat and pressure to impart strength and durability to the block. Interior rails are then rotated 90 degrees so that finger joints do not appear on the block’s top. In order to maximize the block's strength and beauty, wood strips that run the entire length of the countertop are used for the outside rails of each blended countertop.

Butcher Block Grain Styles


Choose from Hundreds of Standard-Size Blended Maple Butcher Block Countertops

These blended maple countertops, manufactured by John Boos & Co. - the leading name in butcher blocks - come in a variety of sizes. Standard widths are 25”, 27”, 30”, 32”, 36”, 38”, 42” and 48". The longest standard length is 145”. You can view all standard-size offerings in our online catalog.

If No Standard Size Will Fit Your Needs, Order a Custom Countertop

John Boos blended-maple countertops come in a wide range of standard sizes, so it's likely you will find a size that fits your needs. But if no standard size countertop will meet your exact needs, then opt for a custom solution. Try our easy-to-use online price quote generators to compare prices across different wood types and grain styles.

Choose a Natural Oil or Varnique Finish for Your Boos Blended Maple Countertop 

John Boos & Co. has been making butcher block products for over a century. To this day they remain the industry leader. Boos Blocks are popular among professional chefs and home cooks alike. If you too like to cook and you’re looking forward to chopping, slicing and dicing on your new wood counters, then you should opt for a natural oil finish. And be sure to add Boos Mystery Oil or Boos Block Board Cream with Beeswax to your order, since you’ll want to do everything you can to prevent your countertops from drying out and cracking or splitting.

Your other finish option is Boos-proprietary semi-gloss called Varnique. It preserves and protects wood and provides a luster typically associated with fine furniture. Another advantage is that it’s virtually maintenance free. But note that Varnique surfaces should not be cut upon! Instead, you’ll need to use a cutting board for any slicing, dicing or the like. 

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