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Butcher Block Cutting Boards

A Distinctive Butcher Block Cutting Board Can Make a Bold Kitchen Design Statement

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Butcher Block Cutting Boards Make Great Showpieces for Kitchens

Lots of homemakers leave their cutting boards out in the open, mostly for convenience. Cutting boards made of butcher block are so attractive that you’ll want to be sure to leave yours out for all to see.

Choose an Edge or End-Grain Board

Both edge-grain and end-grain butcher blocks are used to make cutting boards. In edge-grain boards, wood rails are laid in parallel, side by side. The edges of these wood rails make up the board's cutting surface. In end-grain boards, the cut ends of short wood pieces, rather than the sides, form the cutting surface, which resembles a gorgeous checkerboard. The wood fibers of these cut ends better absorb knife blades, making end-grain boards less likely to suffer and show signs of scarring. They do cost a bit more though.

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