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Butter Boards


Get On Board With Butter Boards

Butter boards are a favorite across the bard! Most butter-board recipes simply feature soft butter with herbs and other toppings for spreading on bread and crackers. Compared to charcuterie boards, butter boards do not necessarily require a lot of thought or prep time, making them an easy way to serve appetizers to your guests. You can serve just one butter board recipe, or use two or more boards to showcase multiple awesome creations. Butter boards serve well by themselves or pair nicely with other appetizers

Know Which Side Your Board Is Buttered On

We recommend you designate one board as a butter board. To avoid cross-contamination from raw foods to your appetizer, put your food prep cutting boards aside and use a serving board instead. Or, for efficiency, consider a reversible board, with one side reserved exclusively for chopping, and the other only for serving. Look for a lightweight board about 1” thick so it can be easily moved from your kitchen to a serving table or dining table. The dimensions of the butter board can be anything you like, from small to large or even a novelty shape. Simply choose the best butter board to meet your entertaining needs.

Creative Recipes Are All Over The Board!

Let your creative juices kick in. Unique butter board recipes can feature flavored butters like honey butter, maple syrup butter, basil butter, and garlic butter. Or take your creation to the next level with alternatives to butter, like cream cheese, ricotta cheese, goat cheese, or even peanut butter! Toppings can include veggies, herbs, cheese, shallots, roasted garlic, bacon, sea salt flakes, chopped nuts, and even chocolate. You can make your butter board recipes seasonal, too, with pumpkin butter or apple butter. Or theme them with your dinner menu by offering an Italian butter board with roasted garlic, basil, olives, and tomatoes; or an Asian board with cream cheese, crab, and wontons.

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