Butcher Block Co. Offers the World’s First “Smart” Cutting Board

April 23, 2021

Online Kitchen-Goods Store Offers the World’s First “Smart” Cutting Board

The Innovative ChopBox Is Six Essential Kitchen Tools Rolled into One

Professional chefs and home cooks treasure their wooden cutting boards, which they consider essential tools of their trade. There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in the design and manufacture of cutting boards over the years, other than the occasional introduction of such new features as finger grips for easier lifting and maneuvering, or juice grooves that capture fluid waste generated from carving meat or slicing fruit.

But just last week, the online store Butcher Block Co. added to their wide assortment of wood cutting boards a new, highly innovative offering named the ChopBox, positioned as the world’s first “smart” cutting board. This clever device is much more than your run-of-the-mill cutting board. In fact, it’s six different essential kitchen tools all in one.

The ChopBox is constructed of 100% natural, organic bamboo, which is prized for its water-resistant properties. Its main cutting surface features a juice groove along its perimeter. A second, smaller, pop-out cutting board can be released from beneath the main board by simply pressing a button. This smaller board makes food preparation safer, since it enables cooks to keep raw meat or seafood apart from other food ingredients, eliminating the risk of bacterial cross-contamination.

According to Kathleen Grodsky, Vice President of Marketing with the company, “What makes the ChopBox ‘smart’ is the fact that it incorporates three features that are powered by a rechargeable battery: a weigh scale; a digital timer; and a sanitizing UVC light. Cooks can use the scale to measure ingredient amounts up to 6.6 pounds; the timer to track cook times as long as 10 hours; and the UVC light to kill 99.99 percent of bacteria on both cutting boards plus up to 3 knives at once.”

The sixth function-feature built into the ChopBox is two-stone knife sharpener. Users can use the rough diamond stone to quickly re-bevel knife blades, or the finer ceramic stone to hone dull blade edges.

The Butcher Block Co. is a leading online seller of wood counter and island tops; butcher-block work and dining tables; butcher-block carts; wood cutting boards; fine kitchen knives; and artisanal knife blocks.

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