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End-Grain Butcher Block Island Tops

End-Grain Style Butcher Block Makes for Countertops that Are Rugged yet Distinguished

Browse End-Grain standard sizes below. To narrow your search, use filters at left (larger screens only) or click on an image:

End-Grain Maple Countertops
Maple End-Grain
2.25" Thick  3" Thick
 4" Thick   7" Thick
      End-Grain Cherry Countertops
Cherry End-Grain
2.25" Thick  3" Thick
  4" Thick   7" Thick
      End-Grain Walnut Countertops
Walnut End-Grain
2.25" Thick  3" Thick
 4" Thick   7" Thick

End-grain butcher block samples are available for purchase ($2 plus $10 S&H on orders under $75).

Countertops Made of Butcher Block in End-Grain Style Reveal Character

More specifically, each and every rectangle in an end-grain butcher block reveals a small cross section of the source tree’s grain structure. Aggregate hundreds of these small rectangles into a cohesive board and you’ll have an end-grain butcher block, the surface of which will be both resilient yet forgiving. The millions of wood fibers on the block’s surface yield to knives and cleavers just enough so as not to blunt their sharp edges, but not so much as to suffer nicks and gouges. Plus, the brilliant checkerboards they create are essentially natural works of art. What a splendid “canvas” to exhibit in your own kitchen!