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John Boos Premium Butcher Block Countertops - The Perfect Prescription for an Ailing Kitchen

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Gorgeous Wood Counter & Island Tops Made by John Boos - the #1 Brand of Butcher Block

Boos & Co. has been making butcher blocks for more than a century. They started out making standing blocks used by blacksmiths for heavy pounding, then blocks for butchers. It wasn’t long before professional chefs discovered the advantages of these sturdy, rugged surfaces and began demanding them for their commercial kitchens. Not long thereafter, home gourmets caught on. Over the decades, butcher blocks gained popularity so that today, they are one of the leading materials used for kitchen islands and counters.

Choose a Boos Countertop from Four Different North American Hardwoods

Hard Rock Maple is Boos’ most popular variety. It happens to be the hardest of the four options, but its neutral coloration is what makes it number one, since tan and light to medium browns tend to complement almost any kitchen décor. Appalachian Oak is not too dissimilar; it’s just a tad darker. American Cherry and Black Walnut are most distinct among your options. In the end, it simply comes down to which of these four species appeals to you and will fit nicely with your kitchen décor.

Boos Butcher Block Counters Come in Different Grain Styles

Edge-grain blocks are most popular. They feature long wood staves laid parallel to one another that run the block's full length. They present a fairly consistent, uniform look that's pleasing to the eye. Blended blocks, in contrast, incorporate wood pieces of varying length. Each stripe of a blended butcher block (most affordable of the grain styles) is comprised of two or more segments finger-jointed together, except for the block's outer bands. The most intricate (and expensive) grain style is end-grain. End-grain boards are comprised of short wood pieces standing on end and nested together in a grid-like pattern. The fiber-rich surface of an end-grain block, which resembles an elaborate checkerboard, provides an excellent surface for cutting and chopping.   

Butcher Block Co. Also Makes It Easy to Design and Order Custom Boos Counter Tops Online

You have the option of browsing all standard-size Boos countertops or narrowing the field by using the material, grain-style and dimension filters at left (larger screens only). Alternatively, you can use our online Boos Custom Calculator to design your kitchen counters or to compare prices across different wood species, grain styles and sizes.

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