Chroma Type 301 3-Piece Knife Set - Carving, Santoku & Paring Knives Chroma Type 301 3-Piece Knife Set - Carving, Santoku & Paring Knives

Chroma Type 301 3-Piece Knife Set - Carving, Santoku & Paring Knives

Item # CR18244

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About this product


  • 7” santoku knife, 8” carving knife, 3-1/4” paring knife
  • All made of Japanese 301 steel grinded razor-sharp
  • Ergonomic handles designed by F.A. Porsche
  • Blade-handle transitions are seamless, so hygienically superior
  • Lifetime warranty
Notes: Do not use on marble or glass, or to cut bones or frozen food. Hand wash and dry only. Store in a knife block. Only sharpen using a Type 301 whetstone.

Three Fantastic Chroma Kitchen Knives in One Spectacular Knife Set

This stunning 3-knife set from Chroma includes all the blades a wannabe gourmet needs to make a kitchen hum. The Big Bertha of the set is a general-purpose Santoku knife suitable for slicing, dicing and mincing. The carver, 8 inches long, easily slices through beef and pork roasts, let alone big birds. With the big tasks covered, the only opening that remains in this sharp lineup is the position of small, utility player. Chroma’s lightweight and extremely maneuverable paring knife, sporting a 3.25-inch blade, more than fills the void. It’s perfect for peeling potatoes and fruit and other similar intricate food preparation.

Japanese 301 Stainless Steel Comprises All These Elegant Knives

The Japanese have forever been devoted to advancing the science and performance of metals. This has led to the development of Japanese 301 steel, known for its strength, and for grinding techniques that deliver razor-sharp edges to blades. Not only do all blades in the set demonstrate such sharpness on their very first use, they are able to retain that sharpness far longer than ordinary blades. While professionals who use their culinary tools daily are encouraged to sharpen them on a regular basis, home chefs with aspirations are more likely to get by with sharpening them about twice a year.


Sale Price Model Knife 1 Knife 2 Knife 3 UPC
$250.00 P529 - 3 Piece Set P05 - 8 P02 - 7.25 P09 - 3.25 4260089860087

Satisfaction Guarantee

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Chroma Type 301 products, when properly cared for, can be expected to last forever. Chroma guarantees that its products, when used and cared for properly, will be free from any defects in material, construction and workmanship. Exclusions: This warranty extends only to the product’s original purchaser and excludes damage resulting from accident or misuse. Damage to knife blades, such as chips, broken tips and discoloration can be avoided by following proper care instructions.

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Chroma Knives Are Counted Among the Finest Kitchen Cutlery in the World.  Ask a Pro Chef.