Teakhaus 18-Inch Round Teak Chopping Block - Reversible Teakhaus 18-Inch Round Teak Chopping Block - Reversible

Teakhaus 18-Inch Round Teak Chopping Block - Reversible

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  • Renewable, sustainable teak 
  • End-grain style butcher block 
  • 2" thick, 18" in diameter 
  • Reversible
  • Finished with Proteak Butcher Block Oil

Teak Wood Is Water-Resistant and Absolutely Stunning

Ever wonder why teak is such a popular wood used in boat-making? Teak has high natural oil content, making it unique. It's resistant to termites and other pests, and most important to the culinary, it's resistant to moisture. In fact, touch a teak cutting board and you'll notice its slippery feel. That's an important property for a cutting board, since you don't want it absorbing moisture from wet countertops or during repeated washings. Moisture helps wood remain intact - impervious to cracking and splitting, which can undermine wood's structural integrity. Additionally, teak is a particularly strong wood as evidenced by stress test results that show it's able to withstand higher levels of pressure than are other woods. What makes teak so remarkable is that at the same time it leads the pack on strength and durability, it gives up nothing in the way of good looks. Actually, its stunning blend of yellows, tans and browns make it one of the most distinctive hardwoods.

End-Grain Construction Further Enhances this Chopping Block's Toughness

Of all the different grain styles used in the making of butcher blocks, end-grain style imparts the highest rigidity. That's an important characteristic of chopping boards of course, since they're subjected to intense forces.  This round block is actually comprised of dozens of 2-inch blocks of teak, each standing on one end. Consequently, the top and bottom surfaces of the board are fibrous. All these wood fibers combine force to form a cutting surface that's both tough and forgiving. An end-grain block can accept repeated hacks and blows yet remain structurally and aesthetically intact. An interesting side benefit is that the wood fibers that make up the cutting surface in essence move out of the way of knife blades, rather than blunt them. This means that knives will dull more slowly when used on end-grain boards. It's nature's version of a true win-win. Take into consideration the magical, checkerboard look of end-grain boards and one would have to proclaim an end-grain teak block a veritable win-win-win.

This 18" Round, 2" Thick Chopping Block Is Reversible Too

With this round Teak Haus block you'll get TWO fantastic end-grain cutting surfaces to both admire and put to the test. In total, that's over three and one-half square feet of gorgeous but tough work surface that's perfect for food prep tasks ranging from cutting and slicing to rolling and kneading. Best of all, you’ll have the chance to master your culinary artistry while working atop perhaps the most beautiful canvas that nature can supply.


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Teak cutting boards showcase the rich colors and grain patterns of this tropical wood.

High in oily resin content, teak repels moisture and resists warping, making it ideal for kitchen cutting boards.