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Small Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards That Are Small Are Ideal for Small Food Prep Tasks

On the measure of utility per square foot, small cutting boards rank highest, of course. Sure, some food prep jobs require medium or large-sized boards, but if you’re prepping just for yourself, or if you're simply slicing a brick of cheese or paring a piece of fruit, it just makes sense to take up no more counter space than you really need. These tiny boards are as small as 9 inches square. Another typical size is 9 inches by 12 inches.

Buy a Basic, Small Maple or Walnut Cutting Board, or One that Stands Out

For instance, you might want to consider a Boos serving board elevated on bun feet made of wood or steel. The distinctive Baby Boos miniature chopping block is situated atop 3-inch wooden legs. Most small boards are constructed in edge-grain style, however Cotton and Dust offers a couple of smallish end-grain boards that are quite striking.

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