BBCO Unveils Kitchen Transformation for Custom Kitchen Island Tops & Countertops

November 18, 2023

BBCO Unveils Kitchen Transformation for Custom Kitchen Island Tops & Countertops

BBCO., a renowned leader in crafting kitchen innovation and design, is set to disrupt the home improvement landscape with a groundbreaking promotion poised to redefine culinary spaces. Beginning on November 17th and extending through November 30th, 2023, this limited time offer promises substantial savings of up to 15% across a diverse range of kitchen products, strategically coinciding with the annual shopping extravaganza of Black Friday.

The ethos of Butcher Block Co. has always revolved around melding artistry and functionality within kitchens. This promotion epitomizes their steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the kitchen experience for homeowners, transcending the realm of affordability to deliver unmatched quality. In addition to the site-wide 5% discount offered with the code "QUICKSHIP" during this promotional period, the centerpiece of this event is the unprecedented 15% discount available for BBCO.'s Custom Kitchen Island Tops & Countertops, accessible via the code "WORKSHOP."

The allure of this promotion goes beyond mere savings; it empowers homeowners to embark on a journey of kitchen transformation, heralding the upcoming year with a fresh and exquisitely designed culinary haven.

The kitchen, often celebrated as the heart of the home, serves as a nurturing ground for culinary creativity, a backdrop for intimate gatherings, and the forge for lasting family memories. Matt Grodsky, Vice President at BBCO., articulates this sentiment by stating, "We are firm believers in the kitchen's ability to unite families and create enduring bonds."

To enhance the customer experience, BBCO. has introduced the user-friendly Online Quick Quote Tool, available at https://butcherblockco.com/bbc-custom-countertop. This innovative tool empowers customers to embark on a personalized journey to craft their ideal kitchen island tops. It offers an array of customization options including dimensions, grain styles, edging preferences, corner treatments, and reversibility, ensuring each creation is uniquely tailored to cater to the customer's individual needs and style preferences.

BBCO. distinguishes itself with an extensive selection of 14 distinct wood species, ensuring customers find their perfect match, whether it's for traditional warmth or contemporary elegance. In addition to the customization options, a dedicated Custom Project Manager is at the ready to assist customers in realizing their countertop vision. Responsive Customer Service Representatives are also on standby to swiftly address inquiries, creating a seamless and exceptional experience for all valued patrons.

While the promotion unquestionably offers significant savings, it is essential to emphasize BBCO.'s unwavering commitment to delivering products that epitomize craftsmanship and personalized excellence. This promotion is a testament to BBCO.'s enduring mission of enriching family experiences by transforming the very heart of the home - the kitchen.BBCO.'s exclusive November offering empowers homeowners to embark on an extraordinary journey of kitchen transformation, imbuing upcoming holiday gatherings with an unparalleled sense of warmth and aesthetic finesse. It exemplifies BBCO.'s mission of elevating family experiences by crafting timeless, inviting spaces within the heart of the home.

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