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3" Thick End-Grain Walnut Island Tops

Samples are available for purchase. NOTE: Not reversible, as undersides are unfinished and sometimes show imperfections.


  • Walnut end-grain butcher block
  • Natural Oil finish
  • 1/4” Radius (rounded) edges on block's top and corners
  • Standard sizes from 24”L x 25”W up to 60”L x 38”W
  • Optional 4”-high backsplashes
  • Made in the USA by Boos & Co.

An End-Grain Walnut Counter or Island Top Is a Sign of True Distinction

American Black Walnut is the hardwood used most often for butcher block counter and island tops in upscale homes. Walnut displays a beautiful array of creams and yellows blended with medium to dark browns. And end-grain walnut tops are the creme de la creme because they show slivers of these gorgeous colors arranged in an intriguing checkerboard pattern.

End-Grain Butcher Blocks Are As Strong As They Are Beautiful

Not only do end-grain blocks look great, they're also super-durable because of how they are constructed. Short pieces of wood - vertically oriented in a grid-like pattern - are bonded together using glue, heat and pressure.

Since the wood pieces are arranged standing on sawed ends, it's their opposite sawed ends that comprise the cutting surface of the end-grain butcher block. Consequently, an end-grain surface is comprised of millions of wood fibers which are better able to absorb sharp knife blades. Instead of blunting the blade the wood fibers yield to it. This causes less dulling of sharp blades, extending the interval between sharpenings and extending the useful lives of your knives.


Butcher Block Grain Styles

John Boos End-grain Walnut Island Tops Are Kitchen Showpieces

John Boos & Co. has been in business over 130 years. Their coveted Boos Blocks, recognized around the world, are preferred by professional and celebrity chefs who value reliability and know quality when they see it. It helps that Boos makes these end-grain walnut tops in a variety of thicknesses (2.25, 3, 4 and 7 inches), widths (from 25" up to 38”) and lengths (up to 60”).

You Can Order An End-Grain Walnut Kitchen Island Top in a Custom Size Too

It could be that Boos doesn't make a standard-size top that will fit your specific needs. No problem. Simply secure an instant price quote on a custom walnut island top made to your specifications.

End-Grain Walnut Island Tops Come with a Natural Oil Finish

Boos Block Board Cream is infused with authentic beeswax, which helps seal in moisture. You will need to apply butcher block oil and/or board cream at regular intervals in order to keep the wood moisturized and healthy.

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