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Catskill Cutting Boards & Blocks

Catskill Craftsmen Cutting Boards & Chopping Blocks Feature North American Hardwood

Catskill End-Grain Butcher Blocks 2 to 3 Inches Thick

The cutting surface of an end-grain board is wood fiber-rich, making it extra tough and resilient. That’s why chopping blocks are end-grain style butcher blocks. Catskill’s are made of hardwood and either round or rectangular. Secondary features include finger slots cut into board edges designed to make it easier to move and flip the blocks; and wooden feet that can keep a board off wet or soiled counters.

Catskill Pro Series Cutting Boards Are Edge-Grain Style and Include Juice Grooves

Three edge-grain Pro Series cutting boards are offered in medium, large and extra-large sizes. All are reversible. The carving side of each board has a juice groove or gravy channel that helps contain messes, whereas the reverse side is flat – perfect for use as a bread or serving board.

Most Catskill Cutting Boards Are Flat-Grain Style

In these boards the flat or face side of the wood plank becomes the cutting board’s surface. Some notable standouts in the Catskill flat-grain line include their Wedge & Trench cutting boards, designed to help keep meat from slipping and sliding, and their Over-the-Sink boards. Also noteworthy are a Catskill cutting board in the shape of a guitar and another shaped like the state of Texas.

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