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Blended-Grain Countertops

1-1/2" Thick Butcher Block Countertops in Blended-Grain Style Are a Smart, Affordable Choice!

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Blended Maple Countertops
Blended Maple
Blended Cherry Countertops
Blended Cherry
Blended Oak Countertops
Blended Oak
Blended Walnut Countertops
Blended Walnut

Blended-grain butcher block samples are available for purchase ($2 plus $10 S&H on orders under $75).

Blended-Grain Butcher Block Countertops Are Beautiful and Affordable

In reference to countertops made of butcher block, the term “blended-grain” describes the style of construction. First, it means that edges of wood planks (more info) comprise the surface of the counter top. Second, it signals that each row or long strip of the butcher block is comprised of multiple pieces of wood. The end result is a tapestry of short to medium-length pieces of wood, each showing a small vertical slice of the source tree. Since some short wood pieces can be used in making blended butcher blocks, this is a good way for a wood plant to minimize its scrap or waste, helping to keep block costs down.

You Can Order Countertops in Blended-Grain Maple, Cherry or Oak

The key consideration in making your selection will likely be the décor of the kitchen where the blended butcher block will be installed. Maple enjoys widespread appeal due to its strength and neutral coloration. Cherry boasts some pink hues that darken over time, and walnut features cream and medium to dark browns.

Blended Butcher Blocks Can Be Made To Order

You have the option of purchasing standard-size butcher’s block countertops, or specifying custom dimensions. If you’d like to get a feel for the cost of a custom size, click on John Boos & Co. under Custom Countertops at the top of this page. 

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