Release: Butcher Block Co. Unveils BBCO. Brand Exclusive Design: The Spectacular Checker Board Cutting Board

ARIZONA - Butcher Block Co., a leading provider of premium hardwood cutting boards, is thrilled to introduce the BBCO. Brand Exclusive Design. These products will be the first of many in a line of BBCO. Brand centric products offered directly to consumers and businesses. First off the line is The Spectacular Checker Board Cutting Board. This artisan masterpiece showcases a striking 3" square checker pattern meticulously crafted from premium Walnut and White Oak hardwoods, making it a true work of art.

"We wanted to create a cutting board design that would be not only visually striking but also versatile enough to complement any type of kitchen space,” said Ben Grodsky, Vice President of Design, “The alternating checker pattern, featuring premium Walnut and White Oak hardwoods, offers a timeless appeal and a touch of modern aesthetics. Our focus was not just on beauty, but also on ensuring the utmost durability, making these cutting boards not only display-worthy but also functional for everyday use in any kitchen."

Handcrafted by skilled Amish artisans, each Checker Board is a unique piece of art, featuring alternating face-grain squares of rich Black Walnut and elegant White Oak. The contrasting dark and light tones, combined with the alternating grain patterns, create a visually stunning and serene design. The result is a cutting board that doubles as an eye-catching kitchen display piece.

Available in two sizes, the 12"L x 12" W Checker Board is a handy, lightweight option, perfect for everyday use and easy maneuverability. For meal prep and larger tasks, the 18"L x 12" W Checker Board is the ideal size. Both boards boast a reversible design for maximum functionality, ensuring durability and sturdiness while maintaining their exquisite appearance.

The BBCO. Brand Exclusive Checker Board Cutting Board is not only a practical kitchen tool but also an exceptional gift choice. The combination of premium hardwoods and the meticulous artisan design makes it a standout present for any occasion.

Having a butcher block cutting board in kitchen spaces offers numerous advantages. With their versatility, elegance, and long-lasting performance, butcher block cutting boards are a must-have kitchen essential for both professional chefs and home cooks alike.

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Contact Info:

Name: Matt Grodsky

Organization: Butcher Block Co.

Address: 2641 E. Cortez St.  Phoenix, Arizona 85028

Phone: (877) 845-5597