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Catskill Craftsmen Was Founded in the Catskill Mountains in 1948

Since then they have been making spectacular kitchen furniture and accessories at their factory in Stamford, New York – a town also known as the Queen of the Catskills. The company is privately-held and the leading U.S. maker of ready-to-assemble hardwood kitchen furniture, plus a wide range of butcher block chopping and cutting boards.

Catskill Uses Non-Endangered North American Hardwood. Yellow Birch Is Their Wood of Choice

Catskill utilizes local lumber only, harvested from self-sustaining forests and milled at nearby sawmills. Most of Catskill's fantastic products for kitchens feature yellow birch hardwood - Betula alleghaniensis that is - one of the 60 or so birch species found around the world. This particular species is common to Canada; the east coast of the U.S., from New England as far south as North Carolina; and the Great Lakes region. Also known by these names - American birch, yellow birch, hard birch, betula wood, Canadian yellow birch, Quebec birch, grey birch, silver birch, and swamp birch - yellow birch is especially popular for architectural woodwork due to its strength and hardness, widespread availability and aesthetic appeal. Its coloration can range from almost white to pale yellow and from light browns to reddish browns. 

Catskill Islands, Carts and Work Centers Represent Exceptional Value

Catskill Craftsmen delivers outstanding value to customers. Their kitchen carts, islands and work centers feature edge-grain style kitchen blocks, wherein strips of hardwood are laminated together to form an extra-sturdy surface for all sorts of meal preparation tasks. These wood staves are be of uniform thickness, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches thick, and bonded together so the cutting surface shows off the source tree’s edge grain - this is the surface found on the narrow edges of wood planks cut from the tree. As a result, the work surface of a Catskill work center, island or cart will exhibit the grain structure of what are in essence vertical slices of the birch tree.

Edge-Grain Chopping Blocks & Flat-Grain Cutting Boards Are Other Catskill Specialties

Most Catskill cutting boards are made in flat-grain style, meaning they show off the face grain of that plank of lumber, which tends to be neutral and uniform in appearance. Their heavy-duty brethren - end-grain chopping blocks - are used for more serious chopping and pounding. End-grain boards are they're less susceptible to splitting and cracking, plus they're generally considered far more attractive due to their checkerboard looks and greater variation in color, grain patterns and texture. As an added bonus, end-grain is less taxing on sharp knife and hatchet blades, as the fibers on the cut ends of wood pieces give way to sharp edges. This means your kitchen cutlery will dull less quickly and last longer.

Catskill Craftsmen Turned "Green" Long before It Was Fashionable

Decisions made by the company long ago were influenced by the owners’ values, not by necessity. By relying exclusively on lumber harvested by sustainable means, the company helps ensure it will have access to quality lumber for decades to come. Also, since the company’s factory is situated very near the Delaware River and within the watershed that serves New York City, Catskill must be extra careful not to leave much of an environmental footprint. Toward that end, Catskill invested in a wood pellet mill that converts all wood waste into wood pellet fuel. So not only does Catskill create beautiful and long-lasting kitchen furniture and accessories, at the same time it recycles this valuable, renewable natural resource, helping homeowners heat their homes during the harsh winters that can befall the northeastern U.S.

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