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Catskill Islands, Carts & Work Stations

Add a Catskill Portable Island, Work Center or Cart to Get the Most out of Your Kitchen.

Catskill Craftsmen makes rolling islands, mobile work centers and compact carts that expand available counter-height work space and overall kitchen storage space. You can add open storage space via shelves, or enclosed storage that's hidden behind cabinet doors.

In addition to a hardwood butcher block top, many Catskill island carts incorporate utensil drawers, a drop leaf, one or more sliding or removable cutting boards, towel bars and even side-hanging spice racks. Choose from a wide range of sizes, styles and features. 

Catskill Portable Island Work Centers Combine High Style with Superior Functionality

You’ll find incredible design diversity among Catskill’s islands and kitchen work stations, ranging from the boxy and angular Americana Work Center to the Europa, with rounded corners and sculpted support pillars. But one aspect that doesn’t vary across the line is the high utility that each design delivers. You’ll find ample quality work space on butcher block tops and pull-out or drop leaves; and abundant storage in pull-out drawers, behind closed cabinets and on open shelves.

Kitchen Carts by Catskill Are Equally Stylish and Functional

Carts with butcher block tops expand available kitchen counter work space, which is often at a premium. For example, a Catskill microwave cart makes the perfect home for microwave ovens that would otherwise eat up valuable counter space. If you’re especially pressed for space and looking for a hard-working cart with the smallest of footprints, consider the double-drop-leaf cabinet cart; a leaf extends on each side to provide a winged look. To get even broader use out of a kitchen cart, select one with a drop-leaf breakfast bar and use it for casual dining or for sharing coffee and gossip.

The Catskill Line Also Includes Utility Carts & Kitchen Trolleys

You can still enjoy the benefits of a butcher block cutting surface even on a small-sized cart or trolley. Storage solutions include open shelves, wire basket sliding drawers and enclosed cabinets. Whereas most Catskill carts show the beauty of hardwood by way of a natural finish, if you’d prefer a white or black lacquered finish, you’ll find such options in their assortment of trolleys.

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