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End-Grain Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards in End-Grain Style Are Extra Tough, Yet Gorgeous, and Easy on Knives

What Sets End Grain Apart?

End grain cutting boards are constructed by standing short pieces of wood next to one another and bonding them together using heavy-duty glue and high pressure. Consequently, it’s the cut ends of wood that comprise the surface of the board. The wood fibers exposed on the ends of these wood pieces are fairly resilient. They manage to absorb knife blades without showing unsightly nicks and gouges. More importantly, the resulting surface, which looks a lot like a real-life checkerboard, is incredibly attractive.

In a Variety of Woods, Sizes, Shapes and Styles

Our collection of end grain cutting boards includes some made of maple, cherry, walnut and teak; in round, square, rectangular and octagonal shapes. Our assortment includes cheese boards, chopping blocks, herb boards and carving boards.

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