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Herb Boards

Cutting Boards Specially Designed for Slicing and Dicing Herbs

Anything Other Than an Authentic Herb Board Just Won’t Satisfy a True Aficionado

Any experienced chef – whether a home gourmet or a professional chef - knows the importance of having the right tools for the job at hand. Mincing herbs is no exception. If you’re serious about cooking, regardless of whether it’s your profession or your passion, you’ll want a real herb board specially designed for chopping basil and cilantro or mincing rosemary and sage. 

Herb Boards Made by John Boos Pretty Much Set the Standard

They come in either edge-grain or end-grain style butcher block, and are available as standalone boards or paired with mezzaluna double-bladed rocker knives that make the task easier yet. Simply rock the rounded knife back and forth, cutting the herbs into ever-smaller bits. Plus the concave indentation in the board keeps these small herb pieces in one place and importantly, keeps kitchen counters clean, making clean-up a whole lot easier.

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