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John Boos Butcher Block Tables

Boos Makes Butcher Block Tables In a Variety of Woods, Styles, Shapes and Sizes

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Boos Butcher Block Tables Are Anything but Run of the Mill

Within the Boos line you’ll discover kitchen and dining room tables with widely divergent looks, ranging from 18-inch square butcher block stands with square, tapered legs, all the way up to 60” by 30” kitchen work tables with classic, turned legs. At one end of the style spectrum are simple but stylish Metropolitan tables, with one-inch-thick, edge-grain butcher blocks atop stainless steel frames. At the other extreme are Boos Calais tables, which feature 7-inch-thick, end-grain blocks on ornately carved, wood bases. And be sure to check out the gorgeous roped legs on the Tuscan Isle kitchen island.

Butcher Block Islands and Tables Fill Practical and Aesthetic Needs

Every one of these tables is sure to add a touch of style and class to your kitchen or dining room, and you can use any of them for food and meal prep, but realize that you should not cut directly upon a butcher block with a Varnique finish. This varnish-like coating creates a protective shell, giving the wood a fine-furniture look and making it great for dining. If you intend to cut upon the surface of your table, choose one with a natural oil finish. It will be pre-treated with Boos Board Cream – a natural blend of moisturizing oil and beeswax.

Choose among Maple, Cherry and Walnut Butcher’s Block Tops

Many of these Boos tables can be configured with a stained or painted base to either complement or to accent your kitchen décor. Another common need many of these designs address is the need for added kitchen storage space. The most common solution is a solid or slatted wood shelf, but you’ll also discover tables with utensil drawers and even some with wicker storage baskets.

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