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John Boos Commercial

Boos Commercial Products Are Specially Designed for the Food Service Industry

John Boos Commercial Restaurant Equipment Is for Eateries Large and Small, Formal and Casual

Regardless where you dined the last time you enjoyed a meal away from home, chances are John Boos commercial products were used in the kitchen where it was prepared. The Boos name dates back to 1887. That’s when Conrad Boos began selling his first wooden work tables to blacksmiths, before his son John discovered strong demand for them among meat butchers. To this day the company remains the leader in commercial butcher blocks and related items. The brand is popular in every segment of the food service industry, including mom & pop delis and pizza parlors, fast-food stores and fast-casual outlets, upscale white-table-cloth and fine-dining establishments, as well as local pubs and bars. The corner baker, commercial bakeries and food processing plants also make use of the company’s diverse line. They know it as a brand they can trust.

NSF-Approved Countertops, Work Tables, Cutting Boards and Stainless Steel Sinks Designed for Food Service Work Just as Well in Homes

For decades NSF has been measuring the quality of manufacturers’ materials, facilities and work processes against established industry standards. So buyers of commercial food service equipment can select with confidence any item that carries the NSF seal of approval. Many of the following Boos  products are certified by NSF: wood and stainless steel commercial countertops; professional cutting boards; wood-top bakers’ tables; steel work tables and enclosed base cabinets; and stainless steel compartment, platter and bakery sinks.

Boos Dining Tables Aren’t Just for Restaurants!

Boos makes restaurant-style dining table tops and accompanying metal table bases in a variety of styles. They’re great examples of products designed for commercial use that are quite popular for home use in the kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room or pantry. They come in range of woods – maple, cherry, oak and walnut; shapes - rectangular, round, oval and octagonal; and grain styles: edge-grain or blended. Finished with semi-gloss varnish, they look fantastic, stand up to regular wear and tear and perhaps most important, clean-up quickly and easily. 

Professional & Celebrity Chefs Love John Boos

If you’re a foodie or gourmet yourself, or a fan of Bon Appetit, Food Network or Cooking Channel, you will likely recognize this partial list of famous-chef brand fans: Mario Batali, Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, Giada de Laurentiis, Emeril Lagasse, Rachael Ray and the chefs of Iron Chef America. There’s no fooling professional chefs nor such discriminating authorities on home entertaining as Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey. Did you know that Boos products are even used in the White House?

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