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Kitchen Island Carts

Kitchen Island Carts Represent the Best of Both Worlds

Not only do they expand space available for work and storage whenever you need it, they can add style and warmth and bring new life to your kitchen. Kitchen island designs that feature cantilever countertops that accommodate stools can even expand available dining space. Islands with drop leaves are handy because they expand both work space and dining capacity.

Find an Island Cart for a Kitchen of Any Size

Island carts work equally well in medium-size and large kitchens. In a medium-size kitchen you can wheel your cart to wherever you need the work space or serving space. In a larger kitchen, consider using a cart to break up open floor space or as a divider between the main kitchen and a breakfast nook or an adjoining dining or family room. But it’s in smaller kitchens where their versatility shines. Some have footprints as small as 24 inches by 30 inches. Larger models can range up to 60 inches in length and vary in width, of course.

Don’t Let the Plethora of Kitchen Island and Kitchen Cart Options Overwhelm You

Odds are that choosing a size will be one of your easier decisions, since the amount of space you have available in your kitchen will largely dictate dimensions. You’ll face tougher decisions when it comes to choosing a style and look, since there are so many appealing options. If you’re seeking a warm, country look, then a wooden kitchen island cart will make sense. Note that some truly beautiful islands are available in a variety of base colors that range from soft to vibrant hues.

On the other hand, if your décor is modern, you might opt for a stainless steel kitchen cart. Or perhaps you’d like to blend cottage and contemporary looks, in which case a hybrid cart might suit your tastes: a butcher block top mounted on a stainless steel base, for instance.

Storage Options Galore

One thing that nearly all kitchen island carts have in common is that they offer a wide variety of storage options. You can choose open shelves made of wood or wire if you prefer quick, easy access or if you care to show off anything in particular. If you prefer a clean, uncluttered look, you might opt for closed cabinets with wooden doors. Drawers, too, come in various materials. Choose from among wire or wicker baskets, or choose easy-glide, wood or steel drawers.

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