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Kitchen Islands with Seating

Islands with Seating Make Practical Kitchen Additions

A Kitchen Island with Seating Can Perform Double-Duty

Every kitchen needs an island; better yet, a kitchen island with seating. After all, there’s no better place for family and friends to convene for breaking bread and sharing details of the day. Of course, food of some sort will entice everyone to hang out in the kitchen longer, as will chairs, stools or benches, needless to say. And when it’s only you in the kitchen, preparing the appetizers, entrees and desserts whose luscious aromas beckon all to the kitchen, make good use of your island as a prep station and work table.

Butcher Block Tops Provide More Than Just Space for Diners

Butcher block is an excellent work surface for most food prep tasks. It's plenty sturdy, as well as smooth. You can even use sharp kitchen knives to cut upon it, although to avoid nicks and slices it’s better to cut upon a cutting board placed on the island instead. Besides gaining valuable countertop work space, you will pick up additional storage space – either enclosed inside a cabinet island, such as Catskill Craftmen’s Butcher Block Work Center; or open storage as on the slatted shelves of the Grazzi tables and Kitchen Island Bar, made by John Boos & Co.

A Drop Leaf on a Large Cart or Island Table Can Accommodate Seats

Drop leaves make islands and carts even more productive and versatile. Extend the leaf to gain added space for food prep, grazing or even homework. When you're not using the leaf, drop it to free up space, making it easier to roam in and around the kitchen. The magic of the drop leaf is that it enables the Boos Kitchen Island Bar, for example, to serve as a kitchen island with seating. The leaf enables the island to function as a casual dining table for two or more when seated on bar stools or tall chairs. Diners will be positioned at a height that's perfect for snacking, dining or merely conversing. 

John Boos’ Florence Island Table Can Accommodate Six to Eight Diners

The Florence table is plenty large – seven feet long and three feet wide. Its center support is a stylish stainless-steel trestle that connects the table’s two wooden supports. This unusual design enables you to slide three chairs under each side of the table and one under each end of the table. What makes the Florence even more remarkable is the fact that it’s made of gorgeous Black Walnut butcher block constructed in blended style.

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