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Live Edge Wood Slabs

hardwood slab table top

Live Edge Wood Slab Tables and Countertops Are a Perfect Way to Infuse Nature into Your Home

These one-of-a-kind slabs feature real, natural, living edges (without bark).

Scroll to browse available slabs. View them from various angles. Know that the top of the slab will be finished with two coats of protective ValSpar conversion varnish and that we will carefully pack the slab you choose and ship it for FREE. If you're designing a table, next select a pair of great-looking metal bases. If you're designing a slab countertop, see these installation instructions

100% FULL Money-back Guarantee. For a Limited Time.

We're so certain you will love your live-edge slab we are offering a 30-Day No-Risk Trial. If you aren't totally satisfied we will absorb the return shipping cost and waive the typical restocking fee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose! This offer is good through month-end, so ACT NOW!

Natural Wood Slabs Deliver a Modern Rustic Look That’s in Vogue Today

Not only is wood an incredibly strong, natural material, it adds comfort and function to homes. Modern designers with a special penchant for things natural and rustic especially love to introduce live edge wood slabs into their clients’ living spaces. The natural tones of wood tend to be warm and soothing, helping to create a calmness that invites reflection and relaxation. Plus, there’s no better way to bring the beauty of the natural outdoors right into a living space than by placing a distinctive, literal slice of hardwood smack-dab in the middle of your kitchen, dining room or living room.

Live Edge Tables Are Perfect for Dining or Just for Show

It might seem puzzling at first to imagine that something can be both natural and elegant, but that’s the mystery of Nature. Created Hardwood Ltd. – the supplier of live edge slabs to Butcher Block Co. – trusts its Amish craftsmen to reclaim from sustainable hardwood forests only the most striking wood slabs that can be transformed into natural beauties with not much more than a discerning eye and some TLC. Each slab features “live edges” on its two long sides. These two lengths of natural bark, coupled with the slab’s unique shape, grain structure and pattern, make each slab one of a kind. While rustic-edge tables have the look of works of art on exhibit in a museum, don’t let great looks fool you. These distinctive slabs are equally well-suited for everyday dining – not just for special occasions.

Reclaimed Wood Tables Require Very Little Maintenance

Each slab is coated with ValSpar conversion varnish, in a matte, or non-lustrous, finish. Two coats are applied to the top surface and one on the bottom of the slab. This provides scratch resistance. In addition, the varnish contains a UV protector, which helps the wood retain its natural beauty, even when exposed to modest sunlight.

Of course, you shouldn’t allow liquids or foodstuff to sit on wood of any kind, but otherwise, after-meal cleanup with warm soap and water and occasional dusting is all it should take to keep your live edge table looking great and lasting a lifetime.

Hardwood-Slab Dining Table Tops Are Available in Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Other Popular Species of Wood

Created Hardwood always maintains a wide inventory of slabs in assorted species and sizes. Maple and walnut are their top sellers. Size choices are typically limited to Medium (5 to 7 feet long) and Large (over 7 feet in length). Width, on the other hand, varies widely – not only from slab to slab, but quite often within an individual slab. Remember, Mother Nature is the original supplier! Fortunately, the hi-res images we show for each slab provide a very good idea of the amount of variation in width within a slab. In addition, the specs we share include the minimum and maximum widths for each slab table top.

Steel Bases for these Wood Slab Tables Are Available in Various Designs & Colors

You can choose from eleven different design styles, ranging from classic to traditional to modern. Plus, you can select a Natural, Powder Black or Bronze finish for your bases.

See all your spectacular Table Base Options.

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