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Live Edge Wood Slabs

Live-Edge Wood Slabs Make Stunning Tops for Dining Tables and Countertops

♦ Steel Bases for Wood Table Tops

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A Natural Edge Table Can Instantly Transport You Outdoors

Not only is wood an incredibly strong, natural material, it adds beauty, warmth and function to homes. There’s no better way than a gorgeous live edge slab to transform your kitchen, dining room, den, conference room or office into a small slice of wilderness. That’s why more and more architects and interior designers are introducing wood slabs with natural edges into residential and commercial spaces. Rustic-edge wood slabs can soothe rattled nerves, restore calm and instill serenity like nothing else can.

Each Reclaimed Slab Is One of a Kind

These wooden slabs are sawn from trees downed by natural events or harvested to make way for new housing or commercial development. Not only do their warm natural tones comfort and soothe, they foster relaxation and invite reflection. Each slab features fascinating colors and textures, plus signature grain patterns. Some include knots and/or knotholes, making them even more distinctive.

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Live Edge Tables Are Perfect for Dining, Commercial Use, or Just for Show

Paradoxically, these naturally mesmerizing slabs can be described as both raw-looking yet elegant. This adds to their beauty and mystique and makes them ideal for homes of distinction that showcase natural elegance. Resembling works of art sometimes found in museums, don’t let reclaimed wood tables fool you. They’re quite well-suited for the rigors of everyday use at home or in commercial and hospitality settings.

Each slab is coated with ValSpar Valguard(TM) conversion varnish in a matte finish. Two coats are applied to the top surface of the slab and one coat to the underside. Not only does Valguard resist scratches, it also contains a UV protector, which helps wood retain its natural beauty even when exposed to modest sunlight. Valguard's superior protective properties have been proven in lab testing wherein wood substrates were exposed to a variety of reagents, including coffee, juices, catsup, mustard, vinegar, olive oil and detergent solution. Cleanup requires nothing more than a soft cloth and water. Your natural edge table should stay great looking for your lifetime and then some.

Live Edge Slabs Aren’t Just for Formal Dining Rooms

Understandably, many rustic edge tables wind up in formal dining rooms, but they’re equally suitable for more casual settings including kitchens and breakfast nooks (see the matching live-edge table & bench ensemble?). Also in vogue are natural edge coffee tables, rustic edge library tables, live edge desks and wood-slab conference room tables.

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Live Edge Counters Are Pretty Remarkable Too. Choose from Maple, Walnut, Sycamore and Pin Oak.

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Reclaimed natural slabs make spectacular live edge counters. Sizes range from Medium (5 to 7 feet long) to Large (over 7 feet long). Width, on the other hand, varies wildly – not only from slab to slab, but sometimes within an individual slab. You can view multiple images of each slab to get a good idea of the variation in width within a slab. In addition, each slab’s minimum and maximum widths are listed under Features and under Specifications. You might also find it helpful to view these countertop installation instructions

Bark Is Removed from Each Live-edge Wood Slab to Reveal Beauty beneath

Once a reclaimed slab’s moisture content has reached an optimal level, its remaining outer and inner bark is shaved away by a craftsman using a hand tool. This reveals natural, rustic edges on both long sides of the slab. More specifically, what’s revealed is the tree’s cambium cell layer, which continuously generates new bark and new wood. After the slab’s surface is sanded smooth, ValSpar conversion varnish is applied. Finally, if your endgame is a rustic edge table and you have selected a base for your creation, then table legs will be attached, then detached for packing and shipment.

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Choose Striking Steel Bases for Your Wood Slab Table from a Wide Variety of Designs & Colors

Cap off your natural edge table design project by selecting a pair of great-looking metal table bases that will best showcase the wood slab you selected. You have eleven different styles to choose among, ranging from classic to traditional to modern. Finish options include Natural, Powder Black or Bronze.

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