John Boos Adds Stylish and Practical Items to Its 2018 Cutting Boards Catalog

January 30, 2018

John Boos Adds Stylish and Practical Items to Its 2018 Cutting Boards Catalog

New Additions Include Rustic Edge and Prestige Boards, Plus an Oil and Cream Applicator

You might expect that 130 years after making its very first butcher block, John Boos & Co., would be hard-pressed to come up with new ideas to keep its kitchen furniture and cutting board lines fresh and current. After all, the privately-held company, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the small, Central-Illinois town of Effingham, Illinois, makes hundreds of different wood cutting boards and chopping blocks in a vast array of species, styles and sizes. But as with any marketplace, consumers’ interests and tastes are continually evolving, forcing even Boos – whose name is nearly synonymous with “butcher block” – to continuously innovate.

1887 Rustic-Edge Cutting Boards Capitalize on the Trend toward Natural-Looking Products

The year was 1887 when Conrad Boos, the father of John, sawed the first Boos butcher block out of a solid piece of Sycamore hardwood. In honor of that inaugural year, Boos calls its new maple, cherry and walnut cutting boards featuring natural edges the “1887 Rustic Edge Collection.” Each board is crafted from a single hardwood slab with one natural (i.e., unsawed and uneven) edge that shows the slab’s unique grain patterns and color variations. Three sizes are available, all approximately 12 inches wide: 13, 17 and 21 inches long.

Boos Prestige Boards – Convenient and Versatile

These Hard Rock Maple boards can function as basic cutting boards for serving cheese and bread, for instance. But a shallow groove carved into each board, around its perimeter, collects excess juice from the meat being served, making it an equally virtuous meat carving board. Not only do Prestige Boards serve double duty – for serving or for carving – they are especially easy to handle, thanks to the finger-grip hole drilled into one corner. The hole makes it easy to grasp and move the board around the kitchen and to pass it around the dinner table. Prestige Boards come in three sizes.

The Boos Oil and Cream Applicator Makes Oiling Wood Products Easier than Ever

Butcher block cutting boards and wood serving bowls and utensils require special care to keep them safe and sanitary and to maximize their useful lives. A crucial part of their care and maintenance is the reapplication of natural, food-safe oil at regular intervals. Some chefs and homemakers eschew the task, since it typically involves spreading oil across the wood using fingers, a towel or a rag, which can be rather messy. That’s why Boos introduced this new, round, no-mess sponge glued to a round hardwood handle that’s comfortable to hold. The applicator allows the user to spread oil or cream across the board and without any mess.

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