April 22, 2022


New offerings include live-edge and straight-edge options, in four different wood/color finishes.

Butcher Block Co., a leading online store that sells wood products for kitchens, announced this week it is expanding its product line to include “floating shelves.” A floating shelf is essentially a conventional wood wall shelf whose supports – hidden rods or bars or cleats typically attached to wood studs hidden behind drywall – are not visible once the shelf is installed. Since shelf supports are hidden from sight, they give the impression that such shelves are unattached or “floating.”

Floating shelves first appeared on the scene circa 2012 and continue to gain popularity, largely due to their unobtrusiveness and convenience. Today, many homeowners are electing to replace certain kitchen cabinets with floating shelves, which provide a more open design and quicker and easier access to kitchen essentials stored on them, instead of behind cabinet fronts. Such shelves make great additions not just to kitchens, but to virtually any room in the home.

The floating shelves offered on Butcher Block Co. will come in two styles: straight-edge and live-edge; in two sizes: medium (36 inches long) and large (54 inches long); and in three types of wood: maple, walnut and cherry. In addition, the BB Co. website will offer an ebonized option. Ebonizing involves the application of a solution to that darkens the wood, in this case, maple, to achieve the look of ebony.

The front edge of each live-edge shelf shows off the outer surface a major tree branch with its bark shaved away, making them a good choice for homeowners wishing to bring an outdoor look inside their homes. In contrast, both edges of a straight-edge shelf will be cut straight; they’re expected to appeal to homeowners seeking a more orderly décor.

According to BB Co.’s Vice President of Marketing, Kathleen Grodsky, “These new floating shelves will be supplied by Created Hardwood Ltd, who currently supplies the live-edge cutting boards and magnetic knife holders, plus steel table bases available for sale on the BB Co. website.” Grodsky went on to say that, “These new shelves feature a patent-pending wall-hanging system that’s invisible, yet can support 10 pounds of weight for each 18-inch section of shelving.”

This news update is presented by Butcher Block Co. – an online store whose specialty is wood countertops in butcher-block or plank-style, plus butcher block tables, islands, carts and cutting boards.

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