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ChopBox "Smart" Cutting Board - Six Kitchen Tools in One!

ChopBox "Smart" Cutting Board - Six Kitchen Tools in One!

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About this product

  • Constructed of 100% natural, organic, water-resistant bamboo
  • Approximately 19” long, 11” wide/deep and 1.5" thick
  • Main cutting board (14"L x 11"W) is grooved to capture meat juice and scraps
  • Secondary pop-out board (10.5"L x 8.25"W) is for food prep & presentation
  • Built-in digital food weighing scale (weigh up to 6.6 pounds)
  • Built-in digital timer (set it to time up to 10 hours)
  • Built-in 254nm UVC light sanitizes both boards plus up to 3 knives at once
  • Two built-in knife sharpeners (choose ceramic or diamond-stone sharpener)
  • Recharge battery using included USB Type-C cable (outlet adapter not included)
  • ChopBox Quick Guide is included


The ChopBox Is Six Kitchen Tools Rolled into a Multifunctional Wonder

For starters, the ChopBox is actually two cutting boards in one. The ChopBox’s primary cutting surface is 14 inches long and 11 inches deep. The groove carved around its perimeter is designed to collect juice from the meat or fruit you happen to be cutting, preventing countertop messes requiring cleanup. Hidden inside the frame of the ChopBox is a second, pop-out cutting board that makes food preparation more convenient. For example, you can use the smaller, portable board to transfer chopped food to the stove, grill, or dinner table. Or you can dedicate one board to prepping raw meat or seafood and use the other for slicing vegetables, eliminating any risk of bacterial cross-contamination.


ChopBox Cutting Boards


Weigh Scale Cutting Board

Use the Built-in Digital Scale to Precisely Weigh Ingredients

The upper-left portion of the ChopBox is a weigh scale on which you can place various ingredients for weighing. The weight is displayed on the digital readout at the lower left of the work surface. You can set the display to show weight in kilograms and grams, or in pounds and ounces, up to 6.6 pounds. As an added plus, you can use the scale’s tare function to zero out the weight of any bowl or plate holding the ingredients.


The ChopBox Also Comes with a Built-in Digital Timer

The digital timer built into the ChopBox can be set to measure periods of time as long as 10 hours, making it especially suitable for crock-pot meals and other slow-cook recipes.


ChopBox Cutting Board with Timer


A Built-in UVC Light Kills 99.99% of Bacteria on Boards and Knives

A 254nm UVC light housed inside the frame sanitizes both the primary and pop-out cutting boards, plus up to 3 knives inserted into the slot on the right-hand side of the ChopBox. All it takes is just two minutes of exposure to this UVC light to keep your boards and kitchen knives safe and sanitary.

ChopBox Cutting Board with Sanitizing UVC Light
ChopBox Cutting Board with Built-in Knife Sharpeners

Dual Inset Knife Sharpeners Will Keep Your Knife Blades in Tiptop Shape

Of course, the most convenient location for a knife sharpener is the place where you use your knives most often. That’s why the designers of the ChopBox built theirs right into the side of the unit. Choose between the ceramic stone sharpener (ceramic stones tend to be finer) or one made of diamond stones (recommended for quick rebeveling).


The ChopBox Is the World’s First Smart Cutting Board

The ChopBox’s weigh scale, digital timer and UVC sanitizing light are powered by a fast-charging 3000 mAh battery. Use the standard USB (Type-C) cable supplied to recharge the battery. (Note: No USB outlet adapter is provided.) Two hours of charging should provide enough power to run your ChopBox for up to 30 days.


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Sale Price Wood Type Thickness Length (in.) Width (in.)
$150.00 Bamboo 1.5 19 11

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Unfortunately, no ChopBox replacement parts are currently available in the U.S. However, if you require a replacement part,  we will make every effort to assist you in obtaining the part. 


Grod LLC is a Trusted Supplier of Kitchen and Cooking Products to the Butcher Block Co.

Grod imports to the U.S. the ChopBox "Smart" cutting board, which is made in China by The Yes Company.