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Chris & Chris 40x20 Dual-Top Espresso Work Station - S.S. & Rubberwood

Chris & Chris 40x20 Dual-Top Espresso Work Station - S.S. & Rubberwood

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About this product


  • 40”L x 20”W (deep) x 36”H
  • Dual-surface work top on a white-painted, hardwood base
  • 20” x 20” x 1-½" boxed stainless steel surface 
  • 20” x 20” x 1-½" end-grain rubberwood surface; juice groove leads to “Chop and Drop” cut-out
  • Stainless steel chef pan for collecting carvings and juices
  • Trash bag ring adapter converts cut-out to a trash portal
  • 2 large storage drawers: 14” x 15.75” each
  • High-clearance (19-3/4") lower shelf ideal for tall appliances
  • 2 towel bars plus 6 “S” hooks 
  • Sturdy knife block included 
  • 4 commercial-grade casters (2 locking) 

NoteSome assembly is required.

A Stainless Steel Serving Cart and Butcher Block Work Station, All in One!

Chris and Chris are renowned professional chefs who moonlight as kitchen equipment designers. They’re especially well known for their food-saving and time-saving innovation – the “Chop and Drop” food handling and and management system (more on that later). But it's this latest design breakthrough that has culinary enthusiasts talking of late. No longer must you decide between stainless steel and butcher block as your work station prep surface of choice. Now you can have them both in this 2-in-1 design. Each 20-inch square occupies exactly half of the mobile cart’s top. Use the end-grain rubberwood surface for all your food preparation, and serve your tasty creations to guests from the sleek, steel half of the cart’s top. Or use the steel half for baking tasks; it’s perfect for rolling and kneading dough, among many other things.

The Chop and Drop Food Collection System Takes this Novel Prep Station’s Utility over the Top

The heart of the C&D system is the cut-out in the butcher block half of the cart’s top. As you carve and trim away on the rubber wood top, simply guide your retains to that hole. They’ll be collected in a stainless steel chef pan (included) situated right below the cutout. Plus you can use the juice groove that’s carved into the block to direct the juice of meats in particular, to this catch basin. The hole in the block is equally useful for capturing the trimmings and scraps you wish to dispose of. Simply remove the chef’s pan and install the trash ring in its place. Attach a plastic bag to the trash ring then guide and slide into the cut-out all that you wish to discard. You’ll find this to be a great aid in speeding up the clean-up process.

But Wait; There’s More.

Two large, easy-glide drawers are the perfect place to store kitchen tools and utensils. Or hang them from the “S” hooks that attach to the towel bar on either end of the cart. Plus be sure to make good use of the knife block that comes with your purchase. It will keep your kitchen sharps close at hand, but always safe and secure. And finally, you might even consider using the cart’s lower shelf for storing oversized cooking equipment, such as pots and pans or blenders and food processors. That way you can keep equipment out of the way but always nearby.


Sale Price Model # Length (in.) Width (in.) Thickness Of Top (in.) S.S. Top (in.) B.B. Top (in.) # Of Boxes Ships UPC
$659.00 JET3188 40 20 1.5 20 x 20 20 x 20 1 UPS 859161031886

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Chris & Chris Portable Work Stations  - Designed by Professional Chefs with Gourmets in Mind

These state-of-the-art prep stations on wheels feature a clever and proprietary “Chop and Drop” food handling system. A cutout in the worktop allows for sanitary collection of prepped food and the juice from meat, plus easy disposal of scraps and waste.