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Standard-Size Butcher Block Countertops & Island Tops By John Boos & Co.

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Boos countertops carry a one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Boos will either repair or replace a countertop it deems to be defective. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from normal wear and tear, accidents, abuse, neglect, misuse, alterations or exposure to extreme conditions. Neither Boos nor Butcher Block Co. will be liable for any loss or damage arising from use of products or for any consequential damages.

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  • Boos warrants that the exact length, width and thickness of any countertop will not vary from specifications by more than 1/8 of an inch.
  • Cutting into a Boos countertop (e.g., trimming its length or width or executing a miter cut or a cutout) will void the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Boos Countertops are not reversible, as undersides are not finished and sometimes show imperfections.
  • You may return an unwanted, standard-size countertop, however a 20% restocking fee will apply.
  • A countertop that arrives damaged will be repaired or replaced, provided the word "Damaged" was written on the bill of lading or other receipt of shipment.

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Wood countertops are perfect for folks who love nature and the warmth that wood imparts to kitchens. They're equally appreciated by those who value meal preparation as much as they do meal presentation since butcher block can be cut, sliced and diced upon, although cutting boards certainly have their place! Bakers especially, value wood counters for kneading, rolling and cutting dough. To make your new-build or renovation easier, John Boos & Co. makes butcher block countertops in many standard styles and sizes. Sorting through counter or island top standard sizes used to be overwhelming. But now BBC's Countertop Selector Tool makes the shopping process a piece of cake.

butcherblock countertop wood types

Boos Countertops Come in Maple, Walnut, Cherry or Oak

All four of these popular hardwood species are harvested from North American forests – forests that are managed for sustainability. Rock Maple is the most popular species used in butcher block countertops. It's the hardest of the four woods, plus its neutral colors - tan and light to medium browns - complement almost any kitchen's décor. At the other end of the spectrum is Walnut. It's by far the darkest of your four options. While it boasts some tan and cream, medium to chocolate browns dominate. American Cherry skews a bit red of course, revealing pink to reddish-brown hues, plus streaks of pale yellow. It starts out somewhat pale, but patinas over time. Red Oak is characterized by richer, bolder browns compared to maple, plus hints of gold and pink and amber tones.

You'll want to consider hardness and cost, but it typically comes down to which species appeals to you and will fit nicely with your kitchen décor.

Boos Makes Butcher Block Countertops in Three Different Grain Styles

In an edge-grain (aka vertical-grain or long-grain) countertop, each wood rail runs the full length of the counter and displays the edges of planks sawn from the tree. Blended-grain counters also display wood's edge grain, but these tops use more than one wood rail to span the countertop's full length; except for the outermost rails, which run full-length. Those multiple rails of wood are finger-jointed together and rotated in order to hide the joints inside the board. That's why they're also known as finger-jointed, edge-grain blocks.

Either style is quite suitable for baking and preparing and serving meals, but if you intend to do much heavy cutting directly on your countertop, you should consider end-grain butcher block instead. The surface of an end-grain block is comprised of the cut ends of short staves, ranging from 2-1/4 to 7 inches, so they are able to absorb sharp edges without showing much wear or prematurely dulling your knives.

Butcher Block Grain Styles

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