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Small Kitchen Carts

Small Kitchen Carts Combine Compactness with Mobility

While they’re especially useful in smallish kitchens, small carts can be a Godsend, regardless of the size of the kitchen. Like any cart, they provide additional counter-level work space for meal and baking preparation or for serving guests as they mingle. But what sets small carts apart is their small footprint. When not in use, simply haul yours out of the way, under a counter or into the pantry or laundry room.

Small Carts for the Kitchen Come in a Variety of Materials and Styles

John Boos makes a number of gorgeous carts made of wood & stainless steel such as the Maple Avanti, D’Amico, Elegante, Rosato and Technica, among others, with stainless steel shelves that are either solid, perforated or tubular bars. Most of these wood & steel carts include a steel handle on one end (some include two) that doubles as a towel rack or utensil storage bar.

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