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Square Dining Table Tops

The lead time for Boos Dining Table Tops is 6 weeks.

Square Dining Table Tops for Food Service Establishments

John Boos & Co. makes butcher block tops for dining tables in a variety of shapes, including squares as small as 24” x 24” and as large as 48” x 48”. They’re available in three different species of North American hardwood: maple, cherry and walnut; and in two grain styles: edge and blended. Tables in squares are the most popular for several reasons. First, they’re best for the efficient utilization of floor space. Second, they’re best for ensuring your guests engage socially since there’s no better way to entice folks to communicate with one another than by having them stare into the eyes of people seated directly across from them.

Choose Square Tables that Fit Your Dining Room’s Style and Ambience

Presumably, you’ve decided on square dining tables of a particular size to best suit the layout of your dining area. Don’t underestimate the significance of your species and grain-style decisions. There’s a world of difference in the look and feel of maple vs. walnut, for instance, and between edge and blended grain. And while bar-height table supports might be fitting for casual dining or for your bar area, dining-height is almost a no-brainer choice when it comes to outfitting your formal dining room.

These Square Wood Tops for Dining Tables Are Finished with Tuff-Var

Tuff-Var is a resilient wood finish developed by Boos & Co. specifically for tables used in commercial settings. As you know so well, such tables can take a real beating so it’s important to protect the wood to keep it great looking and to extend its useful life.

Edging Options:

butcher block top edging options

Boos Table Bases Are Currently Unavailable

We are providing the following information as a courtesy, should you wish to search for table bases available from other sources.

Before pandemic-related supply disruptions, Boos & Co. offered four different styles of black metal stands. Options included table supports with disc bases, cross bases or T supports, in “dining height” (28” to the top of the metal “spider” to which the wood attaches) or “bar height” (40-1/2” to the top of the spider). The following table shows previously available base options by table top size.

butcher block table base options

Metal Base Assembly Instructions / Pre-Drilling Holes for a Metal Base

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