Hidden Flat Bracket for a Pony Wall with a Single Overhang Hidden Flat Bracket for a Pony Wall with a Single Overhang Hidden Flat Bracket for a Pony Wall with a Single Overhang Hidden Flat Bracket for a Pony Wall with a Single Overhang Hidden Flat Bracket for a Pony Wall with a Single Overhang Hidden Flat Bracket for a Pony Wall with a Single Overhang Hidden Flat Bracket for a Pony Wall with a Single Overhang Hidden Flat Bracket for a Pony Wall with a Single Overhang

Hidden Flat Bracket for a Pony Wall with a Single Overhang

Item # IR01040

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About this product


  • Ideal for any countertop overhang needing support
  • 1/2"-thick heavy-duty American steel, 2-1/2” wide (click thumbnail image to view drawing)
  • Durable powder-coated finish in black or white; or choose raw steel (must be finished to avoid oxidation)
  • 6 lengths, from 8"L to 18"L 
  • Four 14 x 2 1/2” Phillips Flat Head Screws (Included) secure bracket to top of pony wall (see thumbnail image)
  • End of bracket's horizontal end is beveled for safety
  • Carrying capacity: 325 pounds per bracket

Important Notes

  • Select a length that will leave no more than 4" to 6" of overhang unsupported.
  • Brackets should be spaced no more than 16" to 18" apart, center on center.
  • Installation requires notching out sections (2-1/2"wide x 1/2" deep) on the top of the wall base (see thumbnail image). 
  • A countersunk hole is drilled into the underside of each bracket, 1.5” in from its end (see last thumbnail image). A 1.25”-long screw is provided. These holes and screws help secure the wood top to the brackets and prevent bowing. The screw's diameter is small enough to allow for wood expansion & contraction.


Hidden Flat Brackets Designed for Kitchen Island Bars atop Pony Walls

These virtually hidden brackets are designed for supporting kitchen island overhangs. An array of brackets, each 2-1/2 inches wide and ideally spaced no more than 16 to 18 inches apart, can effectively support any overhanging countertop. These are the brackets that professional island makers and remodeling contractors prefer for supporting heavy countertops, even those made of granite or quartz. 

The installation process is fairly simple. First, notches 2.5" wide x .5" deep must be cut into the top of the cantilevered side of the island base. One support bracket will be nested into each cutout and the bracket's "T" end will be attached to the inside of the island base on the side opposite the cantilever, using screws provided.      

These Pony Wall Brackets Come in Six Sizes and Three Colors

While most of each individual bracket will be totally hidden beneath the island's top, a portion of each bracket will still be visible to someone looking at the underside of the cantilever from below. That's why the otherwise-hidden bracket is available in three different colors. Black and white brackets come powder-coated for added durability.

In order to ensure adequate support of the cantilevered portion of your island or counter top, be sure to order brackets of a length that will leave no more than 4 to 6 inches of the extension unsupported. With 6 different lengths to choose among, you should be able to find a size that fits your new construction or remodel project. 

Need Help Deciding Which Countertop Overhang Supports Are Right for Your Situation?

This decision tree might help you think through options, narrow your choices, and make a final decision.

how to choose a countertop overhang support

How to determine which size hidden flat-bracket you need.

i. Measure the distance from inside edge of wood support frame to outside edge of overhang.
ii. Subtract 4” to 6” for portion of overhang to be left unsupported.
iii. Select the bracket length equal to your result, or the next larger size.


Sale Price Color Length (in.) Width (in.) Thickness (in.) Weight (lbs.)
$34.50 Black/White 8 2.5 0.5 3.0
$35.50 Black/White 10 2.5 0.5 4.0
$35.50 Black/White 12 2.5 0.5 5.0
$36.50 Black/White 14 2.5 0.5 5.0
$37.50 Black/White 16 2.5 0.5 6.0
$39.50 Black/White 18 2.5 0.5 7.0
$32.50 Raw Steel 18 2.5 0.5 7.0
$32.50 Raw Steel 16 2.5 0.5 6.0
$31.50 Raw Steel 14 2.5 0.5 5.0
$30.50 Raw Steel 12 2.5 0.5 5.0
$30.50 Raw Steel 10 2.5 0.5 4.0
$29.50 Raw Steel 8 2.5 0.5 3.0



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